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Walking through the doors at Adpearance, you may notice something odd right away—everyone seems like they want to be here. Not only do we love what we do, but we get to do it in an environment that is encouraging and supportive. We are each other’s cheerleaders. We celebrate group victories and individual achievements.

The camaraderie and awkward jokes extend beyond the building. It’s not unusual to find Nerds hanging out together in downtown Portland. And every Friday, we pick a restaurant for Fun Lunch and head out as one big herd. It isn’t compulsory, but let’s be real, Fun Lunch is fun.


We are passionate about education, and this passion extends beyond our client engagement model and into our community. We have an internship program and regularly host students wanting to learn more about the world of advertising and marketing. Members of our team also serve as marketing and business mentors in the Portland area.


We believe in rewarding hard work, strategic thinking, and ambition. Adpearance is a rapidly growing company, and even though we’ve been around the block a few times, we maintain the energy of a startup. We won’t hold you back with artificial boundaries like age or agency tenure. Individual achievement comes down to your work, your smarts, and your energy.

Team Benefits

We’re home to some of the brightest individuals in the world of digital advertising, but egos get checked at the door. Our collaborative approach to solving our clients’ business challenges means big wins for our clients, and it also means we benefit from an incredible depth of collective wisdom. We come from many different backgrounds and challenge each other in constructive ways.

Nerdherd Spotlight

Employee of the Week:
Kelly Cook

A well-deserved Employee of the Week award goes to our Accounting Manager, Kelly Cook. Although she's only been in the Nerdherd for a few months, she's already made a big impact! 

Adpearance Named as one of Portland's Fastest-Growing Private Companies!

We're excited to announce that the Portland Business Journal ranked us #20 out of 100 on its list of 2017 Fastest-Growing Private Companies. Shout out to the Nerdherd for all of your hard work!

Gif of the Month

Adpearance Gif of the Month

Favorite Summer Activities

With a wet and cold winter behind us, the Nerdherd is looking forward to a summer full of sun and adventure!

This Month's Book Club Pick

Josie and her children's father have split up, she's been sued by a former patient and lost her dental practice, and she's grieving the death of a young man senselessly killed. When her ex asks to take the children to meet his new fiancee's family, Josie makes a run for it, figuring Alaska is about as far as she can get without a passport. Josie and her kids rent a rattling old RV named the Chateau, and at first their trip feels like a vacation. But as they drive, Josie is chased by enemies both real and imagined, even to the very edge of civilization. A captivating, often hilarious novel of family, loss, wilderness, and the curse of a violent America, "Heroes of the Frontier" is a powerful examination of our contemporary life and a rousing story of adventure.

July's Book
Heroes of the Frontier by Dave Eggers

Previous Month
Into the Water by Paula Hawkins

Top 5 Post-Work Patios

  1. 10 Barrel Brewing — 1411 NW Flanders
  2. Paymaster Lounge — 1020 NW 17th
  3. North 45 — 517 NW 21st
  4. Pope House — 2075 NW Glisan
  5. Civic Taproom — 621 SW 19th Ave

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