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4 Tips for Luxury Auto Advertising

Luxury car buyers operate differently than mass-market automotive shoppers, and your digital advertising tactics should reflect that. If you’re part of a luxury dealership, keep these four things in mind as you consider your digital advertising strategy.

Highlight the Best Features

Shoppers in the market to purchase a luxury vehicle are focused on the features and benefits of the car, and less concerned about the pricing. Target luxury buyers with ads that highlight all of the bells and whistles with high-quality images of the vehicle and specific features throughout all of your creative assets.

Build Awareness with Paid Search

Most car shoppers may not be able to afford a luxury vehicle. As a result, there is a lower volume of searches for luxury-related keywords like model names and dealers. With our luxury brand clients, we put more focus on higher-funnel keywords than we do for mass-market dealerships. This builds awareness so that users who have the ability to make a luxury purchase know what their best option is — your dealership!

We also build additional awareness and reach new users already interested in another luxury car brand through conquest marketing.

Leverage Push Tactics

Connect with more users with similar attributes to your existing customer base with a holistic push-marketing strategy across display advertising, and social media advertising. Target in-market users, remarketing audiences, and higher-income demographics with ads that speak to owning a luxury vehicle and the car-buying experience at your dealership.

Expand Your Geo-targeting

Luxury dealerships have less local competition from other rooftops with the same OEM than mass-market dealerships, resulting in much larger areas of responsibility (AORs). If your budget allows, make sure that your geo-targeting adequately covers your AOR so you’re reaching everyone in your area that’s looking for a luxury vehicle.

Is your luxury dealership optimizing its digital advertising strategy to attract in-market shoppers? Request a free digital analysis to understand the competitive landscape. We’ll take a snapshot of your dealership’s digital presence and provide customized recommendations to generate more high-quality leads.

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