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4 Tips to Move Your Aged Inventory

Are you suddenly seeing certain vehicles sitting on your lot longer? Even after resorting to discounts, some dealers are having trouble getting eyes on their inventory. If you struggle to move certain vehicles, it may be time to activate aged inventory advertising campaigns. 

You can guarantee exposure by activating your aged inventory across VIN-specific tactics to ensure your vehicles get visibility and generate high-quality leads. Follow these four tips to move your inventory with dedicated aged inventory advertising campaigns.

1. Track Inventory Movement

To effectively advertise your aged inventory, it’s important to have a clear understanding of how each model performs for your dealership. This knowledge will help you to create targeted and effective campaigns that attract in-market users. Adpearance partners with you to track inventory movement, identify how many vehicles of each model you sell in a given period, and compare the average time to complete the sale.

2. Identify Vehicles That Need Additional Support

By comparing your inventory movement to the local market, you can see how you stack up against the competition and identify the models that need additional support to drive leads. 

Adpearance can analyze this data and help dealers identify which models are in high demand and which ones are not selling as quickly. This information can help make informed decisions about how to allocate your advertising budget and focus on the models that are most likely to generate leads and sales.

3. Segment Your Live Inventory Feed

Continuously promote aged inventory without wasting ad spend on vehicles sold yesterday. By leveraging proprietary dynamic inventory ad technology, Adpearance curates your live inventory to segment your chosen aged inventory models. 

For example, we can segment out vehicles sitting on your lot for more than 60 days, were discounted in the last 14 days, receive less than two VDP views per day, or any other custom VIN isolation that might benefit your dealership. 

With dynamic inventory ad technology, dealers can optimize their advertising budget and focus on promoting specific vehicles to the right audience. This helps increase the chances of selling aged inventory and improving the overall performance of the dealership.

4. Run VIN-Specific Aged Inventory Campaigns

Aged inventory faces more significant barriers to conversion. To compensate for this known challenge, increase the opportunities to get in front of in-market users to boost lead generation. Leverage VIN-specific dynamic display and Vehicle Ads on Performance Max, and Facebook Automotive Inventory Ad campaigns to ensure you’re getting eyes on the units you’re trying the hardest to move.

Next Steps

Sounds good, but you need help figuring out where to start? Adpearance is here to help you start moving your aged inventory. Get started with a free digital analysis to gain insights into the competitive landscape and a plan for your dealership’s top areas of opportunity.

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