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5 Tips for Creating Website Content in 2024

How many times have you searched on Google, and had to navigate through numerous unhelpful links before finding the information you were looking for? Maybe you couldn’t find it at all? The Google Helpful Content Updates (HCUs) aim to address these frustrations and ensure the quality and relevance of high-ranking search results. Grow your audience and drive more potential buyers to your business’s website by learning how to create meaningful website content for your target audiences.

What to Know About the Helpful Content Updates

The HCUs are a series of Google algorithm updates that created a new set of expectations to have your site rank well on its search engine results page. Google wants to improve user experience by prioritizing high-quality content that benefits users and demoting content primarily created to rank well on search engines. 

The goal is to encourage an authentic and impactful approach to content creation. This change could negatively affect your organic traffic metrics if you don’t adjust your existing content. But it also allows websites to claim higher ranking spots if their content aligns with Google’s new algorithm.

User-first Content

The HCUs work alongside Google’s EEAT guidelines to promote content that provides value for users and isn’t overstuffed with keywords that generate low-quality traffic for your business. Content that demonstrates experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness will be rewarded with higher rankings for relevant Google searches. This will increase your ability to drive high-quality organic traffic to your website.

Demoting Low-quality Content

Google is actively identifying and demoting content not created for the benefit of users, driven by sensationalized claims, biased opinions, and a lack of depth. Low-quality content like text copied from another website or content that lacks benefit for the user could decrease your website’s ability to rank well on Google and generate organic website traffic.

Automated Content

Google has historically penalized automated content, deeming it too spammy for user benefit. The expansion of AI-powered writing tools changed Google’s stance. Now, content will not be penalized, regardless of its origins, as long as it is deemed valuable and helpful according to the EEAT Guidelines.

Tips for Creating Website Content in 2024

Looking to generate more high-quality organic traffic for your business’s website? Follow these five tips to help your business grow by consistently creating informative, user-centric written content.

1. Focus on the User

Helpful content is created with the user in mind and an understanding of your audience. Your content should center their interests and needs, and communicate how they align with the service or product your business offers.

2. Use Clear and Concise Writing

Engaging with your website content should be a straightforward and seamless user experience. Make sure your content is approachable and accessible to your audience, flows well, and follows a logical structure.

3. Do the Research

Expertise reinforces the reliability of the information on your website. Make sure your writing is backed by evidence and data to boost the credibility of the content.

4. Aim for Engaging and Interesting Content

Build your content in a way that compels users to read most, if not all, of the content piece. Create content that actively presents new topics and perspectives that align with the interests of your audience.

5. Link to Other Relevant Content on Your Website

Help users navigate your website by creating hyperlinks between relevant pages. On the technical side, internal links provide search engines with contextual information that strengthens website authority.

What’s Next?

Drive more high-quality traffic to your website with an SEO strategy that fits your business needs. Get the conversation started with a free digital analysis to assess your position in the competitive landscape and where you have opportunities to improve.

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