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7 Tips for Powersports Advertising During Inventory Shortages

High consumer demand paired with the global computer chip shortage has created low inventory challenges for businesses across industries. While it is hard to estimate when the supply chain issues will be resolved, there are still many ways you can effectively advertise your powersports dealership during the shortage and beyond. Here are seven ways to make the most of high consumer demand even with low-inventory levels.

Focus Your Paid Search Efforts on Low-Funnel Keywords

Limited inventory hasn’t limited your need for buyers. With high consumer demand, competition in the market is still fierce. Beat out the competition and find the right customers for the inventory you have in stock by targeting low-funnel users who are ready to buy. Target ready-to-buy micro-moments and keep your core dealer term campaigns operational to drive the lowest-funnel traffic to your dealership’s site.

Keep Your Dealership Top of Mind

Feed your sales funnel and keep your branded campaigns operational so that when the inventory shortage is over, users know and search for your branded name first. When you show up at the top of Google SERPs both from a paid and organic perspective, there are multiple branding opportunities available at a relatively low cost.

Leverage Your Parts & Services Campaigns

With low inventory challenges on the sales side, now is a great time to take advantage of fixed operations related searches and drive net-new business to your dealership. Keep your website and ads up to date with copy that conveys your current parts & services specials and incentives. Expand your keyword coverage and geo-targeting coverage while retaining dealer-terms campaigns as users searching “[make] dealer” may be looking for service.

Consider Pre-selling or Custom Orders

Target the customers who are willing to wait for their preferred model to be in stock. As customers become aware of the inventory shortages we are facing, searches for “order a new [make] [model]” are on the rise. If you’re taking pre-orders or custom orders and want to capture these searchers and deliver specific messaging, consider “order” campaigns for the models you sell.

Boost Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

SEO is an investment in your dealership’s future that you can start benefiting from right now. Build authority on topics that are growing in importance today and in the near-future by deploying an SEO strategy specifically targeted around buying inventory, used inventory, fixed operations and upcoming 2022 model searches.

Advertise on Trade-in Related Keywords

If you’re trying to obtain more inventory, target the people already looking to sell. Lead potential sellers to your dealership’s site and create low-funnel leads with paid search for keywords related to buying the powersports models you want to have in stock. Build your campaigns on powersports buying keywords, and promote the value and ease that your dealership offers through your ad copy and visuals.

Build Lasting Community for Future Sales

Like SEO, your social media strategy is an investment in the future. Building a social community today can have a lasting impact in the future. Engage and expand your existing social media community across multiple platforms through boosted posts specifically targeted at fixed ops, powersports buying and trade-ins, used inventory, and 2022 models. By focusing on social media and your community of followers now, you can expand the reach of your organic posts in the future when low-inventory is no longer a concern.

Are you ready to right-size your digital advertising efforts for low-inventory? Adpearance is here to help. Get started with a free digital analysis to gain insights into the competitive landscape and a plan for your dealership’s top areas of opportunity.

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