A Letter From Our Founder

Mar 30th 2020

At times, this global pandemic has felt abstract. But for small businesses, it’s entirely personal.

I recognize that you are running a business that may be reducing your workforce, reinventing your processes, or changing your operations. That’s personal. Adpearance is a small business too, so we get it and are absolutely determined to stand with you. The Adpearance approach is to:

  • Work together
  • Stay level-headed
  • Let data be our guide

Work together.

Our team members are fully available to you via phone, video call, chat, email, and text, as you need us. There is no request too far fetched. No question we won’t try to answer. We’ve turned our sales force into consultants and created a resource hub with key insights to help inform your decision making.

Stay level-headed.

Our team is acutely aware of the stress our clients are under. We’re committed to be active listeners and will proceed forward only after we understand what you need from us. You can expect a calm, considered, and quick approach.

Let data be our guide. 

As always, we will continue to provide the insights you need to make the most intelligent decisions for your business. Our recommendations will stem directly from our own data analysis and expertise, in addition to insights provided thanks to strong partnerships with your industry’s leaders.

Thank you for your loyalty and for all that you do for your company and employees.  Stay healthy, stay positive, and let’s aim to slingshot up and out of this crisis.


Aaron James and the Adpearance team

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