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Adpearance Achieves Google Premier Partner Status

Adpearance is excited to announce that it has been awarded Google Premier Partner status for 2024 — the tenth consecutive year in a row!

Over the past year, Adpearance has continued to optimize Google Ads to deliver excellent results for our clients. This included everything from staying up to date on the latest in Google Ads automation to leveraging the latest features and navigating the ongoing shift toward AI. These optimizations allowed Adpearance to continue to generate high-quality leads across all Google Ad types.

The Google Premier Program

Google Partner badges are awarded to companies with expert-level expertise in Google Ads. Three badges can be earned — Member, Partner, and Premier Partner — and each is progressively more difficult to earn. As a Premier Partner, Adpearance is among the top 3% of Google’s participating advertisers in performance, ad spending, and certifications.

Partner Status

Before Adpearance could earn Premier Partner status, we had to meet the requirements for a standard Google Partner. To achieve this status, digital advertising providers must demonstrate the following criteria:

  • Performance: 70%+ Optimization Score
  • Spend: At least $10,000 over 90 days
  • Certification: At least 50% of account strategists are certified through the Google Ads Skillshop with at least one user in Search, Display, Shopping, and Video
Premier Partner Status

After achieving partner status, Adpearance qualified for Premier Partner status. Premier Partners consist of the top 3% of Google’s participating advertisers in the U.S. as determined by:

  • Client growth: Ability for partners to grow their existing clients and acquire new clients, measured by year-over-year ad spend growth and ads spend among first-time Google Ads clients
  • Client retention: Demonstrated ability to sustain client business, measured by the percentage of clients retained year-over-year
  • Product diversification: Demonstrated investment in results-focused product mix beyond Search, measured by the percentage of spend on Display, Apps, Video, and Shopping each year
  • Annual ads spend: Investment in Google Ads or Google Marketing Platform, measured by spending across managed accounts each year.

Working with a Premier Partner

When you work with a Google Premier Partner, your business immediately benefits from recognized expertise and exclusive access to Google tools, resources, and support to drive your business goals. 

As a Google Premier Partner, Adpearance is at the forefront of new releases and strategies. We utilize our access to beta programs, education, and enhanced Google support to stay on the cutting edge and deliver the best results for our clients.

Getting the Conversation Started

Are you looking for a partner to maximize the best available advertising opportunities, connect ads to sales, prioritize performance, and make the experience stress-free? Reach out for a free digital analysis to understand your business’s position in the competitive landscape and gain a custom plan for action to get the conversation started.

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Jason Rosen

Jason oversees Google program adoption and beta testing of new strategies. He's been testing the Google Dealer Playbook strategies for hundreds of dealers and brings informed real-world experience to any conversation.

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