Adpearance Websites April ‘20 Feature Release

Apr 24th 2020

We’re regularly rolling out new features and updates to Adpearance Websites. Learn more about the April ‘20 release.


We monitor performance across the inventory websites platform to target changes that will improve customer experience. A recent heat mapping analysis has confirmed that customers are highly interested in finding out a dealership’s closest location. Because of this, we’ve added a hero option that calls out their closest location. 

You can now add the closest location hero component to your website to share this key information with customers right away.

Closest Location Hero Component

To customize the look and feel of your website, you now have the option of a tile component. Add the component and select everything from the size of the tiles and the number to display in each row, to the links and images in each.

Tile Component


To help your business promote all the services you offer and capture more leads, two new forms have been added. The first is a rental request form that allows your customers to request rentals of in-stock inventory. Add this form to support your rental business and learn more about the types of equipment your customers are interested in renting.

Request a Rental Form

The second is a new consignment form. If your dealership offers consignment, this form enables your customers to provide information on their unit(s) and request more information. Add this form to streamline the consignment process and make requests quick and easy for customers.

Consignment Form


We’re happy to announce that you can now switch the language of hard coded text in the admin between English and Spanish. Content label verbiage is still only available in English, but additional functionality to provide multilingual support will be added in the future. Additionally, more languages will also be added.

Language Localization


Routing form response emails is now easier than ever. You can now choose different addresses to route forms to based on a customer’s location. Previously, a developer was required to customize location routing options, but now you can self-select and update email routing settings on your own. 

Form Routing Auto-Generation

Additionally, every time you add a new location or save an existing one, a new routing option for that location will be created.

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What’s Next

We value customer feedback and appreciate that you trust us with your ideas and input to improve the inventory websites platform. Continue to share your feedback with the team by contacting your Client Success Manager or [email protected]

If you have questions about your website or would like to learn more about Adpearance Websites, don't hesitate to reach out

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