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Social Media Advertising: The Total Cost Breakdown of a “Like”

Money can’t buy you love, but in the social media world it can buy you friends. We’re breaking down cost-per-click ads to calculate the lifetime...
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Designing Mobile Landing Pages REVISITED

Over a year ago, I wrote Designing Mobile Landing Pages and it was our most-read blog article in 2012. Let's take a look at what's...
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5 Things if You Did in 2002, You’d be Rich Right Now

One of the most exciting landscape shifts we see happening in search engine optimization and digital marketing is the realization that your digital presence is...
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Highly Specific Keywords and Their Effect on Cost Per Click

There are endless opportunities to reach your target audiences with Paid Search Marketing. Broad match, phrase match, exact match – What does it all mean?...
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Relevant Keywords = Relevant Leads For Your Auto Dealership PPC Marketing

Competitive. Cut throat. Complicated. Sound like the sales on your dealership lot? Well, it turns out that these all too familiar terms can also be...
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Top-5 Compelling Buttons for Landing Page Forms

If your landing page’s primary purpose is lead generation, then it’s likely you have a form on your page asking for user information, such as...
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Designing Mobile Landing Pages

Mobile usage is on the rise and if you’re not advertising to mobile users, you’re missing out on major opportunities. It’s undeniable that mobile usage...
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