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Why You Might Want to Care About SEO

There are many people who believe that SEO is about tricking search engines and finding loopholes in Google's algorithms. But is it really?
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How to Set Up Google Analytics Event Tracking Correctly Or “Marketers are from Mars, Webmasters are from Venus.”

Or “Marketers are from Mars, Webmasters are from Venus.” The meteoric rise of the Internet has provided a boon to marketers and their ability to...
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Why You Lose If You Skip Website Planning

Many people overlook the importance of website planning and developing an SEO strategy when beginning the process of redesigning their website. However, skipping this step...
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4 Insights for Business about Mobile Devices from Google Anaytics

When January 1 rolled around this year, advertisers across the Internet declared that 2012 was the year of mobile.
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Adpearance Gets its Creative On: Reflections from Bill DeRouchey’s “Designing with Opinion

Last Friday, a large crew from Adpearance made their way to Ziba to attend Creative Mornings, a monthly lecture series for creative types. We had...
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