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Dos and Don’ts for Website Lead Generation

Do you want to attract more potential buyers to your website, but aren’t sure where to start? Effective business websites organically attract relevant users, are easy to navigate, and seamlessly promote conversions that meet your business goals. Here are some helpful dos and don’ts for website lead generation.


Can users easily get to their desired information or page destination in as few clicks as possible? If not, users will leave your website to find it somewhere else.

Do: Guide the user on a curated journey of your website by limiting your navigation menu to 6 or 7 items.

Don’t: Feel the need to list every page on your website in the navigation menu. If the rest of your website is intuitively laid out, users should be able to quickly navigate through your website to more detailed pages.

Calls to Action

After all the effort you put in to get potential customers to your website, you want to ensure they convert and get into your sales funnel.

Do: Promote clear, actionable calls to action (CTAs) for conversions you can track like forms, phone calls, and chats.

Don’t: Overwhelm the user with too many options for what to do next — prioritize what’s most important to your business goals.

Category Pages

Category and subcategory pages that group related posts or inventory items together are a great way to navigate through related content on your website. The technical organization of category pages also boosts search visibility by providing additional SEO information to help search engine crawlers understand the purpose of your website.

Do: Create SEO-friendly URLs that communicate what a user can expect from the page. For example, “” is a lot more self-evident than “”

Don’t: Miss out on SEO opportunities by not including original language unique to each page, optimized for the keywords you want to rank for.

Location Pages

Getting a user browsing your website to visit your brick-and-mortar location is a major step in a buying journey that you don’t want to disrupt with an ineffective website. 

Do: Make sure that users can easily access your location pages from any page on your website. Successful location pages effectively communicate all available locations, the location nearest to the user, and the services offered at different locations.

Don’t: Forget to include all relevant contact information — even if it’s listed on a separate contact page.

Mobile Friendliness

Most searches take place on mobile devices, so if you’re not catering to mobile users on your website, you’re significantly reducing your opportunities to generate leads. 

Do: Make sure your landing pages load quickly.  Pages should be responsive to the dimensions of a smartphone or tablet without unnecessary pinching or zooming, with CTA buttons that are large enough for thumbs.

Don’t: Increase the page loading time by adding unnecessary or oversized image files.


Maximize the discoverability of your website with SEO that effectively translates the purpose and value of your website to the search engine crawlers that determine organic ranking.

Do: Ensure every page has an SEO title tag and meta description. AI tools that generate them for you are better than nothing, but a human perspective will likely generate better results.

Don’t: Go over the character limit for your page titles. If you use more than the recommended 50-60 characters including spaces, Google will truncate your title on search engine results pages, and users will only see part of your intended message.

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