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Reduce Headaches with a Cohesive Website and SEO Strategy

Drive high conversion rates on your website every month with website and search engine optimization (SEO) experts who work together cohesively.

Web developers and SEO specialists are two distinct roles with unique perspectives when it comes to building a website. Each has a set of specific goals they are trying to accomplish, but one that overlaps considerably is the desire to maximize the likelihood of visitors converting on your website. Both specialties work together to create a great user experience (UX) that seamlessly meets the needs of your visitors to convert.

Why You Need Web Developers

Web developers create the infrastructure for your website. They decide how to divide information across landing pages, how users should navigate through your website, and how to prioritize different elements within each landing page. 

Similar to how newspaper content above the fold is the most read, web developers know that content placement on your website is key. The content your business wants visitors to engage with should be at the top of each landing page or accessible through as few clicks as possible in the navigation menu.

Why You Also Need SEO Specialists

Web developers don’t always build websites according to Google’s best practices — and that is where you want your SEO team to step in to help you build a website that ranks. SEO adds a depth of content to the site infrastructure that the developers built to make each landing page full of rich information for visitors. 

SEO also provides search engines the context needed to rank organically for relevant searches. This involves ensuring that the back end of your website architecture, URL structures, schema, and redirects are effectively communicating with search engine bots. In addition, creating original content for each page that features the organic keywords you are targeting and optimizing the meta content for each page will increase the chance of ranking highly. 

Another benefit to having your SEO team working with your web developers from day one is that they can collaborate to create landing page templates that automatically optimize the page with unique metadata and schema.

Avoid the Headache of Managing Multiple Vendors

Communication is critical to working with any type of vendor, but it can be challenging to manage two separate vendors working interdependently to improve your website. Effectively managing multiple vendors can take up a lot of your bandwidth. Your SEO provider might need your developer to make functionality updates before they can optimize your site, but with different timelines and priorities, it can take longer to finish a project than if they had been working as a team from the start. 

Keep project management simple and prioritize your energy on accomplishing your business goals with a coordinated website and SEO strategy that showcases your business and converts more leads. Reach out for free website analysis to learn more.

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