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Drive In-person Shopping with Performance Max

Looking for new ways to boost in-person shopping? Help potential customers find and learn about your business with Performance Max campaigns for store goals. This campaign type promotes in-person visits and purchases by empowering potential customers with the information they need to decide when to visit your business and how to get there. 

How Performance Max Campaigns for Store Goals Work

Performance Max campaigns for store goals leverage the same machine learning as other Performance Max campaigns but specifically focus on increasing in-person visits. Whereas other campaign goals might measure success by the number of calls, chats, and form conversions that drive online sales, campaigns for store goals aim to maximize calls, direction clicks, and store visits that drive in-store purchases.

Setting Up Your Campaign

Like all Performance Max campaign types, for store goals leverage data-driven automation to determine which combination of ad placements, audiences, ad copy, and creative assets will generate the most value for your business. 

Set up a Performance Max campaign for your store’s goals by linking to your Google Business Profile and selecting the locations you want to promote, setting your campaign budget, and uploading your ad assets. Performance Max will handle it from there, optimizing bids, ad placements, radius targeting, and ad asset combinations to drive your in-store conversion goals. 

Where Potential Customers Can See Your Ads

Capitalizing on Google’s real-time understanding of buyer intents, preferences, and machine learning-informed audience signals from your CRM data, Performance Max serves ads to potential customers who want to convert for your store goals. 

Ad platforms include:

Google Search: Users who search for terms that are relevant to your business and its location can be served either a text ad or a Google Maps ad on the search engine results page.

Google Maps: Serve ads to mobile device users who search for a business or explore an area within your target radius. Any user who is located nearby or shows interest in your location may view your ad.

YouTube: Performance Max can feature your ads on YouTube content relevant to the demographics most likely to become in-store customers.

Google Display Network: Increase awareness and stay in front of users already exposed to your brand on the Google Display Network with ads optimized by Performance Max to get your business, and its products and services the most attention.

Google Business Profile: Performance Max campaigns for store goals will help you utilize your Google Business Profile page to highlight special in-store offers and products to customers to encourage users to visit.

Gmail: Reach in-market Gmail users directly within the mobile app.

Ready to learn more about how Performance Max campaigns for store goals can drive in-store visits and your overall digital advertising strategy? Reach out for a free digital analysis to see how your business stacks up in the competitive landscape.

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