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Drive More Home Services Clients with Digital Marketing

Whether someone is looking to repaint their house during the summer or looking for an emergency plumber at 3 am, online search engines like Google are how most people seek answers to questions in every part of their lives. To generate high-quality leads for your business, you want your business details to show up within the top search engine results to get potential customers to visit your website and convert. Encourage more potential customers to visit your website and convert to become qualified leads with a well-rounded digital marketing strategy.

There are multiple ways you can rank within the top of the search engine results page, either organically or with ads, and each type has different requirements.

Digital Advertising

Successful digital advertising gets your business in front of the right users across search engines, websites, and social media platforms to build brand loyalty, drive leads and keep your business in front of potential customers until they convert. Fortunately, pay-per-click campaigns perform best at the local-level so home services businesses should capitalize on the opportunity to effectively reach customers.

Paid Search

Leverage paid search to secure top prominent placement on search engine results pages (SERPs). Target potential customers at a granular level to get your business in front of the users most likely to convert and drive more leads at a lower cost.   

Searches that include keywords like “near me” and “[city]” have high intent to complete the conversion and there is often less competition for local keywords. Since you only pay when a user clicks you can spread your advertising budget over hundreds of relevant keywords.

Local Service Ads

Feature your home services business at the top of Google SERPs and Google Maps with Google Local Service Ads. Featured across the top row of the SERP, Local Service Ads are a great way to connect with potential customers actively searching for your area of expertise, in your chosen geographic service area. Potential clients can schedule an appointment, call your business, or send a message request directly through the ad. 

Another advantage of Local Service Ads is that, unlike the cost-per-click model of traditional search advertising, you only pay when a user completes one of the lead actions.

Display Advertising

Aside from those trying to fix a home emergency ASAP, potential customers often spend a while researching and considering their home improvement projects. Display advertising is a great way to stay in front of your audience until they are ready to hire your services. You can reach potential customers more likely to buy by remarketing to previous website visitors, connecting with in-market users, and creating custom-intent audiences from users who have previously searched for key terms.

Social Media Advertising

Turn passive social media browsers into active leads with high-quality image and video ads to catch their eye as they scroll through their feeds.  Facebook and Instagram offer a wide range of targeting and testing capabilities, including remarketing, similar-to-remarketing, first-party data, and third-party data advertising across its various ad types.

TikTok is the newest major social media advertising platform with evolving targeting capabilities that benefit a higher-funnel strategy. There is a lot of potential to boost awareness for your business in your local market with a more personal touch.

Search Engine Optimization

Compared to paid placements on SERPs, ranking organically through search engine optimization (SEO) is a long-term investment for your business’s future that you can start benefiting from today. You have to balance what users want with how search engines can understand and prioritize the information.

Onsite SEO

A successful SEO requires a combination of optimized and error-free website structure, and relevant content that meets users’ informational needs and increases their time spent on-site. The more alignment there is between the content on your site and what a user searches for, the greater the chance your business ranks highly in results. High-quality original content, keyword targeting, metadata optimization, and an optimized and error-free website structure can effectively communicate the informational value of your website to search engines and boost organic rankings.

Offsite SEO

Promoting website content across your digital network is a critical step to ensuring that in-market users visit your website and become qualified leads. 

Having an optimized Google Business Profile is one of the easiest ways to ensure that potential customers can find your website, click-to-call your business, get directions, and browse customer reviews. Create a profile that accurately represents your business and services. It is important to maintain up-to-date information on your profile and include images for every service listed. If you don’t, Google will default to user-generated information and images, which isn’t ideal. 

Expand your digital footprint with local listings on aggregation platforms like Yelp. These platforms are another great opportunity to share information about your business with the platforms’ users and establish a reliable reputation online.

Website Optimization

Maximize your digital advertising and SEO efforts with a website that drives users to convert into leads. Give potential customers reasons to stay on your website and avoid frustrations that cause them to leave. Visitors need to be able to easily navigate through your website to find the information and services they are looking for. Clear calls to action in prominent positions on every page are critical to turning interested visitors into actionable leads.

And with more than half of web browsing happening on mobile devices, it is crucial that your website functions smoothly for mobile users. Not only will a slow site that doesn’t work on mobile frustrate visitors, but Google’s mobile-first indexing means that sites that work well on mobile will rank higher.

Adpearance website developers and SEO specialists work today from day one to create a great user experience (UX) that seamlessly meets the needs of your visitors to convert. Web developers create the infrastructure for your website, deciding how to divide information across landing pages, how users should navigate through your website, and how to prioritize different elements within each landing page. SEO specialists add a depth of content to the site infrastructure that the developers built to make each landing page full of rich information for visitors.

Next Steps

Interested in learning more about how Adpearance can generate more high-quality leads for your home services business? Reach out to get the conversation started.

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