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Drive New Business with Parts & Service Advertising

As vehicle inventory levels fluctuate, now is a great time to take advantage of fixed operations-related searches and drive net-new business to your dealership. Generate new leads from potential customers who already own a vehicle with parts and services advertising.

Parts & Service Advertising

Buying a new or used vehicle can be a long process as car shoppers do extensive research, solicit their friends’ opinions and figure out financing. In comparison, when a potential customer seeks out parts and services, it is typically to resolve an immediate need.

Promoting Certified Parts

Lots of businesses sell parts, but your dealership can stand out from the competition by highlighting the guaranteed quality of your OEM-certified parts. 

Ensure that your website and paid search ads are up to date and include relevant specials and promotions. If you want to take a more aggressive approach, add display and social media advertising to your strategy.

Advertising Your Service Department

Your service department can face competition from other dealerships, corporate chains like Oil Can Henry, or local auto body shops. Reach users who demonstrated interest in your services by targeting past website visitors, especially those who have visited your service department pages.

Feature your current sales and incentives in your ad copy to encourage potential customers to schedule a service appointment. Run paid search ads on service-related keywords. There are also users who are going to be searching for OEM dealers who are actually looking for service, so ensure that you’re advertising those terms as well. If you are consistently generating leads from your service advertising, consider increasing your geo-targeting area and keyword coverage to reach a wider audience.

Connect with Past Customers

Leverage your CRM data to advertise to previous purchasers on Facebook and Instagram by creating a customer list Custom Audience. Target users who bought from your dealership within the last 6-12 months with ads that highlight your current service incentives.

Getting Started

Looking for an advertising partner that prioritizes conversions, not clicks? Sales, not impressions? Adpearance is here to help. Get started with a free digital analysis to gain insights into the competitive landscape and a plan for your dealership’s top areas of opportunity.

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