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Go Team: How to Read and Support Your QB

Oct 30th 2015

I’ll be the first to tell you that all of our clients are tremendously smart, successful, and fun to work with. But they’re different! Our clients play in different leagues, run different options, and definitely exhibit different team dynamics.

Perhaps it’s because the Fantasy Gods #blessed me with a stellar lineup this year, but these days when I sit back and think about the incredible clients I get to work with at Adpearance, I find myself thinking in terms of Quarterbacks. Similar to the NFL’s vast array of popular playmakers, my clients are equally diverse, varying in business models, needs, goals, and attitudes. They are all, in various ways, my quarterback. And me? I’m their O-line, their pass options, their physical therapist and Sports Medicine sideline staff.

In Account Direction, the keys to the game are Support, Strategy, and Relationship Development (couldn’t think of a synonym that started with an ‘S’…sorry).  With that in the back pocket of my coaching khakis, the question on my mind is always, how am I providing the best service to fit my client’s individual goals? How am I using specificity and personalization to support their style of play? How am I helping us win? I love winning. You should too.

Therefore, I present you with a vastly simplified list of the QBs/clients the Nerdherd and I work with on a daily basis. Personalities as big as their (hypothetical) biceps aren’t easy to bake into a single list, but I’ll do my best:

The Real MVP

This client is having their star season, calling plays like the All-Time Greats on the fresh legs of a teenage stallion. These clients aren’t sitting still—they want a new strategy in front of them every week. What’s going to take them to the next level? What’s going to put them above their competitors? An additional paid search campaign? More content optimization? A new website?? For these client, you want to be more proactive, more creative, working strategy in their favor as often as possible.

The Seasoned Vet

This client isn’t just an industry expert, they’re well-versed in digital marketing and how it can help them towards their business goals. Years of experience have forged astute insights and stories of failures as well as successes. As Account Directors we need to stay sharp, ensuring that we’re communicating clear signals and fresh perspectives. This means being able to speak on any adjustments or updates at both a high and technical level. We can’t be afraid to introduce new technology or strategy because ultimately, we’re prepping them for the game, making sure they have everything they need to do what they do best: win.

The Rookie

New client relationships are about as exciting and as daunting as a rookie season. For the digital marketing noobs, we focus on guiding these clients through education. Do they know what kinds of options and services are out there? Are we making the best use of their resources? How are we helping them compete with the big boys (and girls)? #gomarcusgo #moneymanziel

The Sack-O

Nick Foles of the St. Louis Rams is currently leading the league in sacks. But we all know he’s not a bad player, he’s just in a rut. We’re here to help him out. The key is focusing in on next steps and executing against them with championship-game vigor: What’s the root of the problem? What are our plans to fix them? What’s keeping us from communicating clearly or winning the game? It’s easy for a client/AD relationship to get awkward when we’re down 21 points at halftime, but the real victories come from constant reassessment, review, and the realization that the gridiron is always greener on the other side.

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