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Happy Halloween From The Nerdherd!

Nov 1st 2013

I was working in the office, late one night, when my eyes beheld an eerie sight…for the nerdherd from their desks began to rise, and suddenly, to my surprise…it was time for a retrospective!

Adpearance once again came together to celebrate Fright Night with a slew of creative costumes that ranged from crazy to colorful. In addition to our annual costumed antics, we decided to take advantage of our Halloween Celebration by adding a team-building retrospective activity. Led by Kelly and Grant, our fearless leaders, we first took a few minutes to reflect on the past month and think about our highs and lows, or “treats” and “monsters.” Reflecting on the past month not only gave us the opportunity to celebrate new hires, new clients, and project completions, but also allowed the team to highlight opportunities for growth as we move into November.

To take the team-building one step further, we then broke into teams and worked to create paper structures that could withstand an impending zombie attack*.  In the end, one team flourished while the other went the way of the original Walking Dead cast, but overall this activity was a great reminder of the importance of teamwork and the different skills our teammates bring to the table.

While our office is structured into different teams and “pods,” the work we do at Adpearance wouldn’t be possible without each and every member of the nerdherd team. As we continue to grow and our teams diversify, birthdays, holidays, fun lunches, and retrospectives are occasions for us to learn from each other and strengthen bonds across the office, helping us stay creative and see new opportunities to work together and provide innovative solutions for our clients.

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*stacks of candy corn.

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