Happy Holidays from the Nerdherd!

Dec 19th 2014

It’s been a great 2014. Take a walk down memory lane with the Nerdherd!

Remember last year’s Twas the Night Before poem by Dave? Well, I probably won’t be able to top that this year, but I can tell you what the Nerdherd is thankful for this holiday season:

1. Our coworkers. I mean, c’mon, how could you not love each and every one of these goofballs?
2. Making new friends out of our fifteen new employees in 2014. Wowza!
3. Of course our family and friends <3
4. Our amazing clients! Without you we wouldn’t get to come to work and do what we love every day. Thank you for your continued support and all-around awesomeness.
5. We also made some pretty great memories in 2014, like...

That one time we celebrated Adpearance’s 5th birthday with a little self-indulgence.
Or the time we had to decide who wore it vest.
The time we survived Snopocalypse.
Re-supplying during #PDXboil.
Bonding as a team over a 6:30 a.m. 4Camp workout.
When our cofounders bought the office a Vitamix and made all of us smoothies.
Bruce and other office pets drop in to visit.
Or when the Oregon Humane Society brought the Snuggle Express to Adpearance not once, but twice in 2014.
We wrapped up the year all of these crazy-good holiday-themed photos!

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