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How Discovery Ads Can Capture Quality Leads

Generate quality leads by reaching shoppers who have searched for products or services that your business provides with Google Discovery ads. Connect with untapped Search audiences to boost your conversion rates and lower your cost per acquisition.

Source: Google

What are Discovery ads?

59% of shoppers use Google to research purchases they intend to make online or in-person. Discovery ads enable you to connect with shoppers who have searched for products or services your business provides while they are watching videos on Youtube, checking their Gmail or catching up on their Discover feed.

Designed for shoppers to discover new brands while online, Discovery ads use machine learning to create the most effective ads for Gmail, Youtube, and your Discovery feed in the Google app, across devices and automated bidding to optimize your campaign to meet your business’s goals. Choose from either a single-image or carousel layout and supply multiple headlines, descriptions and high-quality images in a variety of aspect ratios for Google to create the ad that performs best for each platform.

When a user clicks on your ad, a form extension pops up that allows users to conveniently complete the form on the same platform, without having to visit your website. Leads can be accessed through CSV download in the Google Ads UI or your CRM platform via Webhook Integration.

What are the benefits of Discovery ads?

Customer intent targeting allows you to then show your ads to relevant shoppers when they are most interested and ready to make a purchase. Advertisers who’ve used custom intent, customer match, remarketing, or similar audiences at the ad group level have seen 81% higher conversion rates and 25% lower costs per acquisition.

Get the most value out of your existing high-quality, high-resolution assets and brand copy with machine learning that will create visually engaging ads rendered natively across platforms and devices.

Getting started

If Discovery ads have piqued your interest and you’re ready to test, we recommend starting out with a single-image ad using new or existing creative assets. Monitor how the campaign is performing during the first two weeks after it is launched and replace low-performing assets. See how the new assets are performing after a week and continue reviewing and replacing low-performing assets each week. If your single-image ad is performing well, consider expanding your campaign to include a carousel of images that tell a story about your brand with each swipe. 

If you need help, my team would love to support your company’s efforts.  With more than a decade of experience in optimizing digital advertising, Adpearance is here to help. Get started with a free digital analysis to gain insights into the competitive landscape and get a custom plan of attack with your top areas of opportunity.

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