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How to Effectively Advertise During Inventory Shortages

The computer-chip shortage, exacerbated by supply-chain issues during the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted auto inventory across the country as consumer demand remains strong.

As long as auto inventory is limited by the availability of semiconductor chips, it is more important than ever that your dealership’s inventory-specific advertising is accurately maintained across your entire digital presence. Luckily, the tactics to effectively advertise during this inventory shortage will also prepare your business to be agile and scale up quickly when inventory increases. Here are six ways to take advantage of high demand and right-size your digital advertising to current inventory levels.

dynamic inventory ads
Feature Accurate Inventory with Dynamic Ad Tech

Ensure that your ad copy remains up to date without the hassle of having to continuously update them as inventory changes. Leverage dynamic ad technology that syncs with the inventory on your website to target customers with unique, model-specific ads featuring in-stock inventory and up-to-date pricing. When potential customers are presented with ads tailored to their true purchasing interests, dynamic campaigns result in more clicks and a higher conversion rate. If you have a sufficient number of used units on the lot, consider using dynamic used inventory advertising as well.

Focus Your Paid Search on Low-Funnel Keywords

Just because you don’t have as much inventory doesn’t mean you don’t need buyers. Getting the right traffic to your website is still incredibly important and focusing on the keywords that net you leads for the cars you do want to sell is still necessary. Make sure that you’re covering all of your low-funnel efforts from dealership terms to buying-intent model terms.

Continue Your Branded Campaigns

While it’s unknown when the computer-chip shortage will be over, it is important to maintain your branded campaigns to keep your dealership top of mind for potential car buyers. Lock in your geotargeting and highlight the brand advantages that set your business apart from the competition.

Leverage Your Parts & Services Campaigns

With limited vehicle inventory, generate new leads from potential customers who already own a vehicle with parts and services advertising. Ensure that your paid search ads are up to date and include relevant specials and promotions. If you want to take a more aggressive approach, consider layering in higher-funnel keywords that go beyond basic parts and service targeting, and extending your location targeting to capture new markets.

Advertise on Car Buying Related Keywords

Looking to increase your used car inventory? Reach the people already interested in or actively trying to sell their cars. Direct the potential inventory toward your dealerships with paid search for keywords related to car buying.

Stick to Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Like your branded campaigns, it is important to continue your SEO efforts to improve your site’s ranking on SERPs. Successful SEO is a long game, and the strength of your digital presence should not be interrupted by short-term inventory issues.

Interested in improving your sales through digital advertising? Reach out and we’ll start with a free digital analysis to create a low inventory advertising plan for your dealership.

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