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Improve Customer Experience with Effective Digital Marketing

Improve your customer experience for current, potential, and past customers with a digital marketing strategy that makes the buying process accessible and easy to navigate.

Effective digital marketing reduces friction and works toward generating conversions at every step of the customer journey. Providing the right information to the right users at the right time on easily accessible platforms can drive high-quality leads for your business.

Digital Advertising

Connect with in-market users conducting their own research by using paid search campaigns that align with your business goals.

Leverage machine learning to connect with in-market users who make searches relevant to your business, no matter how high-funnel the keyword. Google Smart Bidding offers conversion strategies to optimize every auction for maximum conversions and assign unique values for different conversion types. This allows advertisers to evolve from targeting keywords to targeting users. Informed by the user data Google collects across its platforms, Smart Bidding prioritizes users with the intent to purchase over those searching for a brand for the first time.

When a user has visited your website but has not converted, keep your business top of mind and a few quick clicks away from conversion with remarketing campaigns. These are run across search, display, and social with ads featuring the products and services the user demonstrated interest in.


The quality of your website user experience (UX) affects the ease with which users can engage with your content, calls to action (CTAs), and how search engine algorithms rank your site. 

The users most likely to convert typically know what they are looking for by the time they make it to your website. It is important to have descriptive and concise navigation labels that inform users and search engine crawlers of their relevance in as few clicks as possible. By filling your navigation menu with content that is short and to the point, customers can find what they are looking for and move forward quickly.

Clear, actionable CTAs maximize your opportunity to generate conversions when a user arrives on your website. They are the critical final step to getting in-market users ready to convert. Keep your forms clear and concise, and test regularly to make sure they are working as expected.


Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential to boosting your organic ranking and bringing in high-quality website traffic that generates conversions.

A lot of website SEO is done onsite in the back end to maximize the impact of your content through technical optimizations, but offsite SEO is paramount to establishing trust with your audience.

Your Google Business Profile is what most users see first when executing a relevant search for your business. Maintain a profile that accurately reflects your business and provides images for every product and service listed through your profile. If you don’t supply up to date information and visual assets, Google will default to user-generated information and images, which may not be correct or professional.

Likewise, reviews can affect your reputation, SEO, and your business’s ability to grow online. Reviews not only provide useful information for consumers to help make confident purchases but also valuable customer feedback for your business. Leverage effective reputation management to generate reviews and to respond to customer reviews.

Getting Started

Are you ready for a digital marketing strategy that fits your market and aligns with your business needs? Let Adpearance help you get the results you’ve been looking for. Request a free digital analysis of your digital marketing efforts to start the conversation.

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