Kindtagious: Adpearance Gives Back in 2014

Jan 27th 2014

You may have noticed the #Nerdherd embracing a new hashtag since the New Year. Read on for the latest company-wide initiative and our #Kindtagious pledge for 2014.

Birthdays are special at Adpearance. For a day that typically brings cards and presents, best wishes on Facebook, and (hopefully) funfetti cupcakes, we decided to go above and beyond for our office birthdays, making them a little extravagant, a little awkward, and a lot of fun. With a live reenactment of Thriller, office-wide Nerf gun battles, custom meme-creation, and more, birthdays grew to be an important part of the company culture and a tradition that left each member of the Nerdherd anxiously preparing for the surprises their day of all days could bring.

It was near the end of 2013, as the team prepared for the final birthday of the year, that members of the (supertopsecret) party-planning committee also happened to be discussing ideas for Adpearance’s charitable holiday donation. As a small company that enjoys being involved in and giving back to the Portland community, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity to take birthday celebrations to the next level and create a company-wide initiative to give back to the Portland community as a celebration of our fifth year as a company.

From there, the idea of Kindtagious was born. An extension of our slow-clap birthday tradition, Kindtagious is our way of saying thank you to the Portland community by making birthdays about paying it forward and making someone else’s day special. While the element of surprise and awkwardness will still be there, our office birthdays will no longer involve cake, cards, and maybe even some Dollar Tree items. Instead, each Adpearance employee will celebrate their birthday with $100 donated in their name to a cause or organization that is meaningful to them.

To kick things off, we made our holiday donation to the Oregon Humane Society and applied for a visit from the Snuggle Bus; a vehicle of cuddly kittens and puppies that visits businesses during the holiday season in return for their donation to the shelter. Thanks to a little holiday magic, timing lined up perfectly and we were able to celebrate the final birthday of 2013 with adorable (and adoptable!) kittens and puppies, along with an announcement of the changes coming to birthdays in 2014.

Since then, we’ve kicked off Kindtagious by donating jackets and winter coats to a homeless shelter, sponsoring an employee in a charity ping-pong tournament, and providing soccer balls and equipment to the Boys and Girls Club of Portland.

What began as an interest in helping the Portland community, and achieving the most adorable birthday/holiday surprise Adpearance has ever seen, has since turned into a company-wide movement to make birthdays an even bigger part of who are company is. Therefore, it is with great pleasure that we announce Kindtagious 2014 and invite any and all suggestions for ways to give back to the Portland community!

We’re just getting started with our year of giving and are looking forward to 30+ more acts of kindness throughout the year.  Check out some photos with the adorable OHS visitors that spurred this idea, and let us know in the comments below if you have tips or suggestions for upcoming birthdays and events!

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