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Leveraging Dynamic Ad Tech for Low Inventory

Consumer demand for auto remains high while supply chain issues continue to cause low inventory challenges. Worry less about disappointing shoppers and wasting ad spend dollars promoting inventory that you don’t have in stock with dynamic inventory advertising.

Dynamic inventory advertising targets potential customers with personalized, model-specific ads featuring in-stock inventory, up-to-date pricing, and incentive-based ad copy and creative. Here are a few ways car dealerships can leverage dynamic advertising to generate more high-quality leads even if your inventory is limited.

Dynamic Inventory Search Ads

Dynamic inventory search ads feature inventory information that’s updated in real-time when a user performs a model-specific search to ensure that the ads users are viewing are relevant and always up-to-date. There are a number of different inventory features that can be included such as price, stock, savings off MSRP, and lease rate.

Adpearance deploys dynamic inventory search ads for used inventory advertising as well. With used inventory, we take it a step further and actively enable and pause keywords based upon the inventory you have on your lot. If you get a new unit on the lot, we’ll enable the appropriate make and model keywords and feature-specific pricing and stock information for the vehicle(s) in the ad copy. As soon as that unit sells, we’ll pause all keywords associated with that model to ensure that you’re not wasting ad dollars being spent on already-sold inventory.

Dynamic Inventory Display Ads

With low inventory affecting dealerships across the country, shoppers appreciate advertising that is transparent about availability more than ever. When potential customers are presented with ads tailored to their true purchasing interests, dynamic campaigns result in more clicks and a higher conversion rate.

Dynamic inventory display ads are personalized to each shopper with up-to-date inventory details. Target users who visited your dealership’s site with ads that contain the exact inventory they viewed, while it is still in stock. Or, target in-market, similar audience, custom-intent, and affinity users and show them specific models, based on their previous online behavior. The ability to create highly relevant ads for each user with this dynamic remarketing can dramatically impact the ROI of ad campaigns.

Dynamic Inventory Video Ads

Cut down on manual video production time and significantly reduce costs for your dealerships with dynamic inventory video ad tech, which syncs with the inventory on your website using live data to refresh your video content at scale. With dynamic, inventory-specific videos for all new models, you can run precision-targeted remarketing and buying intent campaigns that feature your live inventory to reach low-funnel shoppers. Dynamic YouTube campaigns are highly cost-effective as you only pay when viewers click on or watch the entirety of your ad.

Dynamic Inventory Facebook Ads

Ensure that your ad copy remains up to date without the hassle of having to continuously update them as inventory changes. Link your vehicle inventory feed to a dynamic Facebook advertising catalog to create ads with a rotating carousel that includes vehicle descriptions, up-to-date pricing, and more. Targeting shoppers with VIN-specific ads that directly link to the appropriate vehicle detail pages on your dealership’s site to drive high-quality traffic.

Could your dealership use new strategies for generating leads while low inventory problems persist? Reach out for a free digital analysis to gain insights from a custom low inventory advertising plan for your dealership.

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