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Leveraging Podium for Reputation Management

Is your business making a good first impression online? Consumers are reading more online reviews than ever. According to BrightLocal, 78% of consumers use the internet more than once a week to find information about local businesses, an increase from 69% the year before. 

Help customers make confident purchases at your business with a proactive reputation management strategy.

Building a Proactive Reputation Management Strategy

Reviews can affect your reputation, your SEO strategy, and have a huge impact on the growth of your business online. Reviews not only provide useful information for consumers but also valuable feedback for your business.

Businesses with successful online reputations have a high volume of positive reviews. At Adpearance, we use a combination of technology and insider expertise to increase both the quality and number of reviews on your choice of platforms.

Capture More Quality Reviews

Do you have a low star rating or not many reviews? Often, only customers with an exceptionally great or poor experience are motivated to write a review for your business. Integrating a review management service like Podium with your DMS allows for automated review requests. These requests capture reviews from customers with positive experiences that might not think of reviewing. 

Podium can solicit customer reviews via text message or email, but Adpearance leverages text messaging to make it as easy as possible for customers to leave reviews. Customers are likely already logged into review platforms like Google, Facebook, or Yelp on their phones, so sending a text that includes a link to a review platform is super user-friendly.

Make a Plan to Handle More Reviews

As you actively seek out reviews with a service like Podium, you’ll be receiving a lot more reviews than you’re used to and will need a plan for responding to all of the reviews in a timely manner. People want to feel heard. Responding to a less-than-perfect rating with a quick response may turn a negative experience around, and will also make a good impression on potential customers who read the review. 

Simply deleting negative reviews isn’t an option, but not all reviews are appropriate for your business. Hate speech, off-topic reviews, or reviews with a conflict of interest should be examined against platform guidelines. Report anything that should be removed from the review site.

Do you need some support to deal with the influx of reviews? Adpearance can help with that. With hands-on management, we respond to reviews and perform rule-based removals to improve star ratings across platforms. 

Getting Started

If your business is ready to boost its star rating, get started with a free digital analysis to assess your current reputation management strategy and see how it compares to the competition.

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