Morning Boot Camps with Adpearance

Jun 30th 2015

A healthy workplace is a happy workplace. At Adpearance, taking some time during the day to get a workout in is encouraged. Learn more about a group of employees who work out together before work on Tuesday and Thursdays in circuit driven workout classes.

Being a new employee at Adpearance, I wasn’t sure what to expect with regard to company culture. I’ve been a Personal Trainer for the past four years, and a healthy culture is very important to me. What I’ve happily discovered is an inspiring group of interesting individuals who love keeping active and having a good time. 

One thing I was glad to discover when I joined Adpearance was a group of coworkers who work out together before work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, about half a mile away from the office at a nearby school field. We meet at Lincoln High School on the turf field around 6:45 AM and work out together for 45 minutes to 1 hour. Workouts are boot camp style, meaning circuit driven workouts led by whoever steps up to lead the group!  I was able to go to my first workout with Adpearance three weeks ago and a colleague took us through a great total body circuit. Since then, I’ve tried to always make it to Tuesday morning workouts. It’s really fun and low key; we do what feels right, switching between upper/lower body, core, and cardio. Sometimes, it’s even just a workout video on someone’s phone. Anyone who joins feels welcomed by the group, no matter what level of fitness they are at.

The company culture at Adpearance revolves around living a healthy lifestyle; coworkers and team leads actually promote employees taking a break to exercise throughout the day. I see Adpearance runners jogging around downtown Portland throughout the day and I’ve heard of a great 4 mile loop that one of my coworkers does. As summer starts, I hear inklings of heading to the turf field during lunch hour for workouts since the school will be out for summer break.

To help make midday workouts possible, Adpearance has a shower in the office so employees can shower off after our workouts and get right back to work. Working in digital marketing and advertising, it can be a lot of sitting and standing throughout the day, so getting up for a workout to break up the day is a great aspect of our company culture that I don’t see changing in the future.

We are currently renovating and expanding the Adpearance office, and I’ve heard rumors of a room with weights and other workout materials that coworkers can utilize during business hours to get quick workout in....how cool is that? Stay tuned for more health and wellness updates from the #Nerdherd, or stop by to join us for a morning workout!

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