November Traffic & Paid Search Trends for Heavy Equipment Dealers

Nov 17th 2020

We’re closely monitoring website traffic and paid search trends for heavy equipment dealers. Check back monthly for updated data and insights.

The insights below were updated on November 17, 2020. Please check back monthly for new data and insights. Previous months can be found here: April | May | June | July | August | September | October

Heavy Equipment Website Traffic Trends

November Insights

  • Sessions/dealer and pageviews/dealer are experiencing all-time highs, surpassing all-time high spikes we saw in April of this year.
  • Overall website traffic is up (+4.6%) vs previous 30 days. All channels observed an increase in traffic aside from decreases in direct (-4.4%), other (-33.2%), and Social (-21.5%). 
  • Email observed the largest increase over the last 30 days, increasing by 91.2%
  • Both primary paid channels (search & display), observed increases of 9.1% and 19.2%, respectively.
  • Along with sessions, website engagement (pageviews/dealer) is up across all channels by (+4.8%) vs previous 30 days.

View the interactive website trends dashboard.

Heavy Equipment Digital Advertising Trends

November Insights

  • Market opportunity for equipment dealers has decreased (-5.4%) over the last 14 days and marginally decreased over the last 30 days (-0.9%).
  • Actual dealer impressions are up (+4.6%) in the past 30 days and down (-8.3%) in the past 14 days.
  • Lead action rate per dealer is down marginally (-1.4%) over the past 30 days, but still remains at near all-time highs across our client base. 
  • Lead action cost per dealer has observed marginal increases, over the past 30 days (+2.1%), but still remains at near all-time lows.

View the interactive digital advertising trends dashboard.

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