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Preparing Your Digital Advertising for Sales Events

Get more from your marketing dollars with a sales event strategy that targets low-funnel shoppers to capture high-quality leads. Learn which advertising channels and campaigns your dealership should prioritize to see the best sales numbers and the highest return on your investment.

Paid Search

Successful digital advertising strategies are built around paid search because of the ability to consistently capture high-quality leads. When users search for your dealership, they should be able to find your information with ease and contact you directly through location and site link extensions. 

  • Leverage AI-powered Google Smart Bidding to generate the maximum number of conversions at the lowest cost per conversion.
  • Ensuring that ad copy features current pricing, availability, and incentives is critical. Ads featuring pricing information have a 16% higher click-through rate compared to ads without pricing. For sales events, you will also want to add event-specific keywords to your campaigns.
  • If you want to focus on a particular model during the sales event, dedicate specific ad spend to each nameplate. Consider using your most popular model for a conquest campaign in addition to standard model-specific coverage.
  • In addition to Google advertising, don’t forget about Bing. Ad space across the Microsoft search network is far less competitive than Google, which means a lower cost per conversion. Utilizing the same paid search strategy from Google, you can capture full-funnel coverage on Bing while prioritizing low-funnel searches.

Display Ads

Increase dealership and sales-event awareness with display ads that target users who were already exposed to your dealership, in-market, or near-market shoppers.

  • If you’re running a highly attractive incentive, make sure your ad cohesively highlights it across channels. Update display ad creative for sales event-themed campaigns. Leverage VIN-specific dynamic display ads to seamlessly feature your in-stock vehicles with accurate sales event pricing.
  • Prioritize targeting users who have demonstrated interest in your dealership using remarketing campaigns to target and re-engage low-funnel customers. Retargeting old vehicle purchases or expiring leases using a customer-match audience list to re-engage past customers can also be highly effective.
  • Supplement your targeting with Google Customer Match to serve personalized ads to past customers.

Social Media Ads

Meta’s ability to generate leads with hyper-targeted ads that drive conversions sets it apart from other social media platforms for lead generation. For auto dealers, Facebook carousel ads and Instagram collection ads are among the top-performing social media ad types. 

  • Create and run lead form ads with CRM integrations to convert leads from Facebook and add them to your sales pipeline.
  • Maximize the impact of your sales-event campaigns with VIN-specific, dynamic inventory creative to feature in-stock vehicles and pricing for all applicable audiences while highlighting attractive sales-event incentives. 
  • Be specific with who sees your dealership’s ads. Use remarketing campaigns to target and re-engage low-funnel customers. Target additional low-funnel audiences with customer match lists, or third-party in-market data.

Video Ads

Increase brand awareness for users who have yet to interact with your dealership through influential YouTube and Connected TV video ads served where target audiences are already watching.

  • Create sales-event-themed videos prominently featuring your sales incentives. Make it stress-free for your dealership to advertise for your entire vehicle lineup with dynamic video ad tech that creates and runs ads with real-time pricing, availability, and incentives.
  • Target low-funnel users with remarketing audiences to prompt re-engagement with your dealership. 
  • Go further and target custom-intent audiences to serve ads to users who previously performed high-quality, low-funnel, in-market searches that demonstrate purchase intent.

Performance Max

Lean into budget automation to maximize ROI and to reach new, in-market users across the Google ecosystem. Performance Max campaigns combine machine learning across bidding, budget optimization, audiences, creatives, and attribution, to drive advertising performance for your unique conversion goals. 

  • Performance Max works alongside Smart Bidding campaigns to increase specific advertising and conversion goals across Google Business Profiles, YouTube, Display, Search, Discover, Gmail, and Maps. Performance Max Vehicle Ads will be available in September 2023.
  • Generate more value from your sales-event campaigns with ads that use AI-powered models and data-driven attribution to determine which ads, audiences, and creative combinations lead customers to conversion.

Discovery Ads

Help users learn about your dealership and sales-event incentives across Google platforms by using machine learning to create effective ads and bids to achieve your goals. When a user clicks on your Discovery ad, a form extension pops up that allows them to complete the form on the same platform, without having to visit your website. 

  • Google curates Discovery ads based on what is most relevant to your target users. It prioritizes the best-performing combinations for Gmail, YouTube, and your Discovery feed in the Google app, across devices and automated bidding to meet your goals. 
  • Customer intent targeting allows you to show your ads to relevant shoppers when they are most interested and ready to make a purchase. Advertisers who’ve used custom intent, customer match, remarketing, or similar audiences have seen 81% higher conversion rates and 25% lower costs per acquisition.
Adpearance is Committed to Being Your Best Partner

Your digital advertising is only successful if it drives sales. That’s why we measure success not just through digital performance, but by the number of vehicles you sell. Our sweet spot is the combination of tech-driven solutions and personal service from people who know your business inside and out. 

Dealers that partner with Adpearance can expect:

  • Certified program expertise: Adpearance is certified in more than a dozen programs and will handle OEM compliance so that you can focus your energy on other parts of your dealership
  • Cutting-edge solutions: We’re committed to being on the forefront of digital and utilizing technology to deliver the best performance. 
  • Personal attention: A full-time digital strategist dedicated to the success of your dealership.

Interested in learning how Adpearance can assist with the unique needs of your dealership? Request a free digital analysis to get the conversation started.

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