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Refresh Your Website Content for AI Search Algorithms

Is your search engine optimization (SEO) strategy ready to drive growth in 2024? The search engine landscape evolved over the last year to adapt to the rapid development of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-powered technologies. AI is changing the way potential customers interact with your brand on search engines and requires an updated approach to your SEO strategies to consistently attract high-quality visitors to your website.

New Google Search Generative Experience

One of the most significant changes in the search engine landscape is the integration of AI into search engine results pages. Search engines are increasingly relying on machine learning algorithms like Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) to interpret user queries and provide more relevant results. 

The beta program leverages generative AI to provide users with clear overviews of their search queries and expedite the information-gathering process. SGE can help users find answers to their pressing questions, gather topic overviews, summarize key takeaways, produce step-by-step instructions, and more. 

For example, when searching for products with a particular feature, Google typically directs users to a SERP with links to relevant sites. Now, with SGE, Google presents users with a list of suggestions at the top of the SERP from multiple sources.

Optimizing Your Content for Search Generative Experience

The influence of AI in search engine algorithms means that traditional keyword-based SEO strategies are becoming less effective. Businesses should be focusing on creating content optimized for the developing technology.

Leveraging Long-tail Keywords

Like many generative AI tools, SGE encourages users to enter longer, more specific queries to produce relevant answers. As a result, it is more important than ever to optimize your content for long-tail keywords. For example, instead of “electric vehicles,” a better choice could be the long-tail keyword “family-friendly electric vehicles.”

Align Content to User Search Intent

Like traditional search, SGE wants to serve users with helpful, highly relevant user-first content that satisfies the intent of user search queries. The four primary search intents are:

  • Navigational intent: Users looking for a specific page, like an AC repair service landing page. 
  • Informational intent: Users searching for specific answers, such as the specs for a particular vehicle.
  • Commercial intent: Users conducting research before making a purchase to find the “best roofers near me.”
  • Transactional intent: Users want to complete specific actions related to a purchase, like “order new tires.”

When creating new content or refreshing existing content, make sure the copy focuses on fulfilling one to two search intent types — but don’t try to fit in all four. Overstuffing your content can be counterproductive when the takeaways become more difficult for search engines to distinguish.

Curious about how AI impacts your SEO strategy? 

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