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Secure Top Ad Placement in Google with New Vehicle Ads

Vehicle Ads represent one of the biggest changes to the search results page in nearly a decade. Google moved them from alpha to a beta program this afternoon, making this a key moment for dealers to move quickly to compete.

Compete Directly Against Other Dealerships’ Inventory with Top of Page Placement

When we talk about Google advertising, there are four main categories: 

  • Search
  • Display
  • Video
  • Shopping

Until Vehicle Ads, shopping wasn’t an available category for automotive dealerships. Now dealers can promote new and used inventory with prominent, photo-based, top-page visibility in Google Search results for matching keywords. People searching for vehicles will see photos and key information about new and used vehicles — all taken directly from live inventory feeds and dynamically updated as inventory changes.

The new ad format is a big deal. In industries where shopping ads have been available for years — like ecommerce — we’ve seen 30-60% of paid traffic coming through this ad format. It’s a highly dynamic way to seamlessly advertise live inventory to users that is complimentary to search, display, and video efforts. As you incorporate Vehicle Ads into your strategy, it is important to maintain a healthy mix between shopping, search, and organic.

Get Ahead of the Curve

As with any new offering, we expect to see that most dealers will be initially slow to adopt Vehicle Ads. But over time, all dealerships will incorporate them as a standard part of their digital strategy. By utilizing the new ad type now, early adopters will drive better performance and gain more dealership-specific learnings faster. 

And using an experienced provider will drive that edge faster. While some automotive digital advertising providers might be dipping their toes into the ecommerce world for the first time with Vehicle Ads, Adpearance is a veteran in the space. In addition to working with a variety of ecommerce retailers who spend significantly within Google Shopping, we were also a part of the Vehicle Ads alpha and have been running campaigns for dealers for the last few months.

As the go-to dynamic inventory provider, Adpearance is ready to leverage this new tech to its fullest. Our Google Premier Partner status enables Adpearance to be in close communication with the dedicated vehicle ads team at Google to optimize, tweak, and maximize the ROI of Vehicle Ads campaigns for our clients.

Reach out today to get a head start on the competition and learn more about how Vehicle Ads can enhance your dealership’s digital advertising strategy.

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