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Social Media Management Guide for Spa Businesses

Social media usage continues to grow with the average user currently spending close to three hours on platforms every day. Take advantage of this engaged audience to keep your spa dealership top of mind with a social media management strategy that boosts brand awareness.

Set Measurable Goals

You could spend countless hours creating fun and engaging content for your social media profiles, but it doesn’t matter if it’s not translating into meaningful results. Set achievable goals by determining what results you want from your social media efforts and which performance metrics will signal success.

Pick the Platforms That Fit Your Business

Don’t let yourself get intimidated by the millions of followers or thousands of engagements big social media accounts may garner. Quality is more important than quantity for spa businesses whose revenue is dependent on sales.

Focus on reaching only the people who want to buy your product. Research which platforms have demographics that best match your target audience and formats that best align with your brand and content. Facebook and Instagram have been great platforms for our clients to build brand awareness, trust, and loyalty. You don’t have to be on every platform, but all active social media accounts should reflect your current brand look and feel. Keep your profile image, background image, account bios, contact information, and links current.

Build a Creative and Sustainable Social Media Calendar

Set your spa business up for success by creating a social media calendar that fits your staff’s bandwidth. Map out what you want to post about, how frequently, and what types of media you want to include in your posts. 

Brainstorm the different media types that will keep your followers engaged such as images, videos, GIFs, graphics, and animations. Creating the assets you need in a large batch is a great way to consistently have custom visuals for your posts without having to manage them alongside other responsibilities. Publish all of your social media posts at any time of the day with a scheduling tool like HeyOrca, Hootsuite, or Sprout Social.

Connect with Your Local Community

Engage with your spa dealership’s local community. Utilize what you already know to write posts that speak to residents and specifically mention the name of your county and city. Create timely posts about the events, interests, and traditions unique to your area. And don’t be afraid to be nimble and post on exciting and spontaneous local moments, like a high school football championship. 

Introduce your team with staff features, share your ties to the community and reflect on how you give back. Highlight your customers by showcasing their sweet spa setups and share customer testimonials to boost organic growth. Build your local digital connections by following and engaging with the local businesses and organizations your dealership interacts with in real life.

Engage With the Comments Section

You don’t want to miss out on building relationships with potential customers who leave comments or ask questions. Make sure to regularly monitor your posts for activity — even if you’re just setting up alert notifications.

Promptly answer questions and clarify any confusion. If someone has a claim you want to follow up on, respond through a comment but quickly direct the conversation offline to a method of communication that can better address their concerns. Report spam and inappropriate comments, but don’t confront commenters or delete negative comments — it often causes more harm than good.

Know What’s Working

Making informed decisions is key to evolving your social media strategy. Connect the impact of your social media efforts to your business goals with effective reporting. Establish what metrics are valuable and keep track of the performance to know when something is a success, not performing as you had hoped, or acting strange. Take what you learn from the data to inform what you will focus on in the next cycle of your social media calendar.

Next Steps

Are you ready for social media management that can accomplish the goals of your spa dealership? Adpearance can help! Get started with a free digital analysis to learn how your social media presence measures up against the competition.

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