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The 12th Man

Jan 23rd 2015

In digital marketing, learn why it’s important to watch and analyze the 12th man to produce work that will appeal to them and most importantly, turn them into our customer.

Let me start off by saying that I am not a football fanatic. Sure, I like watching a great NFC Championship game like most any Pacific Northwest girl (Go Hawks!), but I am not one of those people that spends a gross amount of time analyzing, discussing, and sharing my opinion about the game. See, I am one of those people, in general, who likes to play the game NOT watch the game, whatever game that may be. I have no interest in being a 12th (wo)man, but I do want to understand them better.

Working at an ad agency, no matter what role, we need to watch and analyze the 12th man because that is exactly who we need be channeling. Who are they? What do they want? How can we produce work that will appeal to them? And most importantly, how can we turn the 12th man into our customer?

And in order to do this, in my humble opinion, we have to stay hungry, stay focused on what is happening today and what may frame our future so we can help drive our work forward. In the sports world, we need become the quarterback—the quintessential leader of the team—who our clients look to for the call. And like football, we need to try to get into the red zone—with our ideas—as often as we can, in the hopes of scoring a touchdown.

So, how do we do that? I believe it starts from within.

What speaks to you, creatively or technologically lately? What play do you think is going to work? You should be asking yourself this and sharing it with your colleagues each and every moment you can. You should be bringing up ways to drive your clients' business forward, in a way that inspires your team and your clients to take action. You should not hesitate to share your ideas, no matter how silly they may seem.

So here's my attempt to share what's caught my eye lately:

  1. Rob Lowe in a series of hilarious DirecTV ads, produced by Grey New York.
  2. Always believing in the quarterback as the leader, Tom Brady's incredible work ethic, as depicted here in Sports Illustrated.
  3. Being a girly girl, I love the ease of use and always on trend site BaubleBar.
  4. Tying social posts to geographic tidbits so seamlessly, Somewhere will inspire you in moments.
  5. With a family, few things are more appealing than Blue Apron's easy approach to fresh food.
  6. Love, love, love how Oiselle creates organic brand ambassador relationships with superstars like Lauren Fleshman & Kara Goucher.
  7. If the Pope can change the direction of Catholicism, what's stopping our clients from changing their online presence?
  8. Taking everyday material and making it entertaining. Isn't that what content should be? Thank you to two of my favorite examples, Louis CK & Broad City, for making the world a simpler place. 

Now tell me, what's caught yours?

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