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Three Ways to Leverage Demand for Electric Vehicles

The popularity of electric vehicles is continuing to grow despite low inventory challenges. By the end of Q3 2021, electric vehicle sales were already up by 88% compared to all of 2020.

Here are three ways your dealership can leverage the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

1. Digital Advertising

Dealers can capitalize on the growing search traffic with a dedicated budget for electric vehicle-related search terms. Drive shoppers to your dealership’s website with ads that speak to electric vehicle-specific capabilities instead of the standard metrics like miles per gallon.

2. Search Engine Optimization

The world of electric vehicles is new, and shoppers want the latest and greatest vehicle available. Create website content that helps browsers understand what they should be prioritizing when shopping for an electric vehicle. Quality website content that highlights why your brand’s vehicle outperforms the competition is extremely helpful for shoppers looking to purchase their first electric vehicle. 

Maximize the impact of your quality content with keywords like “electric [model] for sale in [location], ” “electric vehicle for sale in [location],” and “electric cars for sale in [location]” to rank organically on Google.

3. Launching a New Electric Vehicle Model

How you roll out an electric vehicle is similar to launching other new models but requires advertising assets and website content that speaks to the concerns of this developing audience.

Prioritize the Right Keywords

Research what new electric vehicle-related keywords you should be prioritizing on the new model’s landing page, in addition to your standard keyword priorities. Cater to less informed shoppers who may not know the latest model available by bidding on terms that they are more likely to search for like “new [brand] EV” or “new electric [brand].” Once you have set your keyword priorities, incorporate the keywords throughout the page, including the heading, body text, anchor links, image alt text, metadata, and content management system (CMS) generated social media previews.

Promote Your Call to Action

Capture shoppers’ excitement for the new model with a clear call to action on the new model page. If the car is in stock at your dealership, direct visitors to view the available inventory or schedule a test drive. If you’re still waiting for the new model to arrive, generate leads for the future with a lead form that will put shoppers at the front of the line when the inventory arrives.

Build Brand Awareness

A strong landing page is a great resource for customers looking to buy and should start generating some organic traffic on its own. Build brand awareness for the new model with display, Facebook, and Youtube ad creative that highlights the vehicle’s status as an electric vehicle and targets in-market electric vehicle shoppers as well as hybrid in-market users. 

The electric vehicle market is only going to continue to grow, so now is the time to get your dealership’s name at the top of shoppers’ minds when it comes to looking for a new electric vehicle. 

Are you interested in seeing how your dealership stacks up against the competition? Reach out for a free digital analysis to gain insights into the competitive landscape and receive a custom plan for action.

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