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Top 4 Reflections on Digital Advertising in 2023

It’s hard to believe that 2023 is almost over. As we approach the new year, now is the perfect time to reflect on the technology and strategies dominating digital advertising. Let’s examine how the top four trends that moved the needle for digital advertising in 2023 can help your business consistently generate high-quality leads in the coming year.

1. Automation is Everywhere

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning-powered technologies were inescapable in 2023. The major players in digital advertising, like Google and Facebook, heavily invested in machine learning-powered advertising automation, and now individual businesses are reaping the rewards. Each platform combines its extensive user database with machine learning to drive a business’s unique conversion goals.

Digital advertising automation has increased campaign performance and reduced costs. It also allowed digital providers to focus on a bigger-picture strategy without using billable hours to manually set up individual campaigns. Automated ads are a great way for businesses to become less reliant on third-party data to reach in-market users while accessing more targeting capabilities than ever before.

2. A Maturing Streaming Market

There are more streaming TV and audio platforms, channels, and shows than ever. No matter how niche a person’s interests are, there is streaming content to match it. Alongside the expansion of streaming, the connected TV and programmatic audio advertising market has evolved to capture the ever-expanding user base. 

Now businesses of all sizes can access more high-quality ad placements, more sophisticated targeting to connect with target audiences, and better tracking capabilities. Adpearance took tracking and reporting to the next level by integrating impression tracking with proprietary Adpearance technology, Foureyes premium tracking, and client CRM data to provide the complete picture of the ROI. 

Our clients can now view data at the user level. Connect the user exposed to an ad, through lead conversion, all the way to a completed purchase to understand which audiences generated revenue and which stalled out at the lead conversion.

3. Prioritize First-party Data

First-party data is the future of advertising amid a heightened emphasis on user privacy, depreciation of browser cookies, and declining confidence in third-party audiences, first-party data is the future of advertising. Most businesses have a ton of first-party data but don’t know how to harness it to optimize lead generation. 

Build on what you know about your customers by utilizing your CRM data in advertising campaigns and serving personalized remarketing campaigns to your previous website visitors. Target a more specific audience by segmenting your data across interests, behaviors, locations, and more. 

Supercharge your Google Ads targeting by uploading your first-party data to Google Customer Match to identify your customers with existing Google accounts. Deepen your relationships by reaching existing customers with special offers, and products or services relevant to their past purchases and build net-new lookalike audiences.

4. Better Sales Conversion Data

If you want better results from your advertising efforts in a time of automated advertising, you need better data. When you can clearly see which channels generate high-quality leads and demonstrate a strong return on investment, you can make informed decisions that drive more leads.

Leads and conversions are often considered interchangeable, but not all user actions are equally valuable to achieving your business goals. Leverage Foureyes user-level tracking to understand the kind of leads your campaigns generate. You can also disqualify spam, determine how many are qualified leads, and the number of advertising prospects that result in a sale. Qualified lead actions like calls, forms, or chats translate into higher quality leads while viewing a specific product or service page are much less likely to lead to a sale.

Start 2024 with a Custom Strategy to Boost Your Lead Generation

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