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Top 5 Ways Blogs Drive Success For Your Business

Maintaining a strong digital presence for your business is more important than ever, and blogs are an essential component for digital marketing success. Blogs are your opportunity to provide in-depth information that is too lengthy for landing pages, emails, or social media posts, and provide a wide range of benefits for your business.

Drive Organic Traffic to Your Website

Search engine algorithms value website content that is up-to-date and highly relevant to user search queries. There is a limit to the amount of information you can effectively communicate on landing pages. Not only do blogs allow you to add layers of content to your website, they also provide fresh content for search engines to index. 

By aligning your blog topics with the searches your target audience is making, you can attract in-market users to your website to convert and enter your marketing funnel. 

Build Authority and Trust

Once a user makes it to your website via a blog post, you want to capitalize on the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and quality of service. Help potential customers understand the value of the type of products or services you offer and what separates your business from the competition.

Generate New Leads

When you provide users with high-quality blogs on your website, they are more likely to convert into a lead by filling out a form, calling your business, or initiating a chat. Signing up to receive newsletters and other marketing emails is another way to get in-market users who aren’t ready to convert into your marketing funnel. Make sure that your calls to action are easily accessible to blog readers without having to search for the link on another page.

Educate and Engage Current Customers

Blogs are a great way to continue developing your relationship with current customers. You can educate them on best practices and cutting-edge technology, increase brand awareness, and demonstrate the benefits your business provides to its customers.

Repurpose Content for Other Marketing Channels

Writing effective blogs requires time and effort. Maximize your return on investment by utilizing your blogs across other marketing channels. 

Engaging blog content can help you achieve high click-through rates in your email marketing and social media efforts. As a part of your email marketing, feature a snippet of a blog in your newsletter to entice the reader to read the full blog on your website. On social media, you can translate a single blog into a series of posts that all link back to the blog on your website.

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Jane is a senior marketing specialist at Adpearance. She specializes in content marketing and search engine optimization, helping clients to effectively communicate their brand's story with customers.

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