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User-friendly SEO Tools for Your Business

The Internet is full of tools to help your business level up its search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. Which resource you should use is often a matter of what will help you accomplish your business goals and personal preferences. I recommend using Ahrefs as a part of your core toolkit and experimenting with the latest AI-powered SEO tools that can help you reach your business goals.

The Benefits of Using Ahrefs

Ahrefs is not only user-friendly to navigate, but it also makes resolving SEO challenges feel actionable. The platform does an excellent job visualizing data, explaining what the analysis means to your business, and providing clear instructions to fix the issues. Other SEO tools, like SEMrush, can provide an overwhelming amount of information. I’ve found that SEMrush tends to inflate health scores, labeling site issues that are not technically issues. For example, pages labeled as “noindex”, where we intentionally add the noindex tags to pages that we don’t want Google to index. 

Ahrefs includes six individual tools:

  • Dashboard: Track your website performance at a high level. You can see a bird’s eye view of the websites you manage along with key insights such as health score, domain rating, and organic traffic. One key feature that sets Ahrefs apart, is its direct integration into Looker Studio (formerly Google Data Studio), where you can seamlessly report on your backlink, keyword, and technical SEO data.
  • Site Audit: Scan your website for technical SEO issues. Ahrefs gives appropriate context and importance to each technical issue instead of implying that all issues are equally grave. You can prioritize issues that impact the user experience like 404 errors, and broken links instead of technical cleanup that doesn’t affect the ability of search engines to crawl and index your website.
  • Rank Tracker: Track your website ranking across multiple search engines. Website rankings are geolocation-specific, and SEO tools don’t always measure your ranking within your area of operations, so it is always a good idea to manually check your search rankings.
  • Keyword Explorer: Find the right keywords to target for your business goals, segmented by individual search engines. Ahrefs will provide in-depth keyword lists with valuable metrics including search volume, keyword difficulty, and cost per click.
  • Site Explorer: Take a look at your competitors’ backlinks and keyword rankings so that you can identify room for improvement in your content.
  • Content Explorer: Great for content gap analysis and researching topic opportunities.

The Future of AI-Powered SEO Tools

Artificial intelligence is leading the way for a new generation of SEO tools. You have likely already heard of using ChatGPT to create written content, but there are SEO-specific AI tools to add to your toolkit:

  • AI Writer by Ubersuggest: AI writer can generate title, meta description, and heading ideas designed to rank on Google, and write content for your target keywords.
  • ContentShake AI by SEMrush: Contenshake AI can help you brainstorm topics, compare your content to the competition, write and optimize content, and assist in managing content creation among collaborators.

There is no single tool that can do your SEO work for you but they can help you to use your time more strategically, efficiently, and effectively so your website is bringing in more organic traffic.

Next Steps

Do you need a partner to help your business tackle its SEO? Adpearance is here to help. Reach out today for a free digital analysis to understand opportunities to improve your digital visibility.

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