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Video Advertising Strategies for the Holidays

Nov 21st 2019

Adpearance and Google recently co-hosted a webinar to share video advertising strategies with auto dealers. Watch now for seasonal insights, tips and best practices, and the dynamic technology you can leverage to engage in-market shoppers and build brand awareness at scale.

Each year, automotive sales spike around the holidays. Dealers who anticipate this spike can increase their sales accordingly, while dealers who don’t proactively implement a seasonal advertising strategy can get left behind. So how do you prepare for end-of-year and the increase in sales prospects?

Use video advertising to reach low-funnel, in-market shoppers. To help you get started, we hosted a webinar with Google to explain best practices for video ads and introduce the dynamic technology that you can leverage to engage in-market shoppers with inventory-specific videos.

In this webinar, we share:

  • Video statistics and trends from Google
  • How video can support your business goals, from branding to conversions
  • How video advertising performs against search and display ads
  • About a new solution for dynamic, inventory-based video production and advertising

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With more than a decade of experience in automotive, we’re passionate about digital marketing for dealerships and are ready to help make 2020 your best year yet. Interested in reviewing a custom digital marketing strategy for your dealership? Contact us for a free digital analysis today.

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