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We’re Ready for the Next Level: Why Adpearance Is Moving Across Town

Feb 21st 2018

We’re relocating about a mile from our SW Portland space(s) to the new Field Office campus in NW Portland. It’s an exciting change for our rapidly growing company.

Adpearance has always been this scrappy company, working from IKEA desks in close quarters, who found smart ways to do more with less. Now we’re relocating about a mile from our dog-eared SW Portland space(s) to the new Field Office campus in NW Portland, and it’s a pretty massive upgrade.

But like a video game, the new office is just a next level for Adpearance. It’s not the destination; we haven’t won the game.

A lot of companies get caught up in the trappings of success: A fancy office, an impressive client roster, awards, and recognition. But, I want something bigger for Adpearance and see the new office as a means to that end, delivering three major benefits for the company.

  1. Employee retention and recruitment: At one time, ‘benefits’ meant salary, insurance, 401(k), and PTO. Today, employees are looking for an appealing physical environment, positive culture, and shared rewards. Adpearance has fallen behind with our physical environment. To attract and retain the best minds in Portland, we need to step up and hit all the benefit categories.
  2. Productivity: When we were 20 people, everyone could work late and improve productivity. That doesn’t work at our current scale. The move cuts out a ton of friction: no more 10-minute walks to get to meetings or street dwellers repeatedly ringing the doorbell. No more lack of conference rooms and immediate access to other teams and perspectives. Multiply these time savers by our 150 employees, and it all starts to add up.  
  3. Company reunification: Over the years, we’ve incubated different departments, intentionally creating silos for concentrated focus. Separate offices were helpful for a season, but the long-term vision is to be a single company working together on our shared vision. It’s time to bring everyone back together.

They are benefits worth gambling on, but it’s not without risk:

  • Culture is a mercurial thing; will it change?
  • Scrappiness has been key to our success; how do you protect it in the post-IKEA phase?
  • What unspoken messages does a new environment communicate?

I am determined that Adpearance won’t just settle with this move, that instead it will amp up our drive to deliver innovative technologies and results for our clients.   

If you are an over-achiever looking for your next great life challenge,  apply for the latest position. We’re moving to to the next level.

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