Adpearance is a rapidly growing, full-service digital solutions and sales intelligence company located in Portland, Oregon. We specialize in working with clients who sell offline to create better buying experiences and drive more sales. We are looking for a Communication Analyst to join our team and translate website activity into actionable insights to help improve the close rate of our clients’ web leads. This is a great opportunity for those living in the Oregon or Washington areas looking for flexible hours and remote, part-time work.

As a Communication Analyst, you will work with one of Adpearance's proprietary products, Foureyes Tap, which focuses on data collection systems for Foureyes®, our patented sales intelligence platform. These systems are tasked with collecting and storing customer and inventory related data to power a suite of products and services. Foureyes® is the only technology in the world that can connect phone calls, forms, and chats to website activity.


The Communication Analyst will be reviewing and notating phone calls, forms, online chats, and web history details to determine potential sales interest for our clients.

If you join the team, you'll be:

  • Writing detailed, professional notes about customer sales interest for our clients. 
  • Qualifying prospects by reviewing accompanying phone calls, forms, online chats, and web history details.
  • Entering and/or verifying customer and account details for our clients.
  • Maintaining data entry requirements by following program training techniques and procedures.
  • Maintaining operations by following policies and procedures; reporting needed changes.
  • Maintaining our client’s privacy by keeping information confidential.
  • Contributing to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.

Required Qualifications

We're looking for candidates who have/are:

  • Strong grammar, spelling, and proofreading skills
  • Typing accuracy and speed 
  • Data entry skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • The ability to work with confidential client information
  • Critical thinking
  • Good judgment
  • Independence
  • Results-driven

Preferred Qualifications

You are likely to get called for an interview if you demonstrate that:

  • You are a strong writer. You’ve written a decent amount of essays, blog posts, or novellas in your time. You have a mastery of the English language and aren’t afraid to use a compound sentence, the em dash, or the Oxford Comma. Also, your resume is squeaky clean and error-free. 
  • You are independent and a critical thinker. You do your best work with minimal supervision and are able to stay focused without being monitored. If you come across a problem, you prefer to solve it on your own before asking for help. 
  • You have terrific attention to detail. You read this application thoroughly and demonstrate it by incorporating the title of your favorite book into your cover letter.
  • You love to learn and you pick up new concepts quickly. You have a thirst for knowledge and never miss an episode of Jeopardy. You’ve heard the phrase, “Wow, you’re fast” more than a couple of times.
  • You are tech-savvy. You are a fast and accurate typist, and take pride in your words per minute score. Learning new computer programs is easy, and tech issues don’t faze you. 


  • Work experience in a successful, rapidly growing company
  • Paid, comprehensive training
  • A team environment with no egos or politics
  • Part-time, flexible work hours available where you get to work from home!
  • Competitive hourly wage

*Please note this is not a contract position