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Auto Dealers See 37% Increase in Conversions with Vehicle Ads


Adpearance is always on the lookout for new ad placements that will benefit our clients. Announced to the public at NADA 2022, Vehicle Ads are a massive opportunity for auto dealers to advertise live inventory in the best placements on Google search engine results pages (SERPs). Auto dealers can now promote new and used inventory with prominent, photo-based, top-of-the-SERP visibility for matching keyword searches. It’s a dynamic way to seamlessly advertise live vehicle inventory to users that compliments your search, display, and video advertising efforts.


The minute dealers heard about Vehicle Ads they were eager to incorporate them into their marketing mix, but the new ad type requires a good bit of effort to launch. Unlike other auto ad types on Google, Vehicle Ads run on the combined capabilities of the Google Merchant Center, your Google Business Profile, and Google Ads. All three platforms need to be synced and approved by Google to enable the ad type for your business before you can set up your inventory feed and campaigns. 

Google is invested in maintaining a high-quality ad experience for its users. All vehicle product images must meet the Vehicle Ads image guidelines. Businesses who use Vehicle Ads must also pass Google’s website policy review to ensure that users are sent to high-quality landing pages that match the featured ad. Landing pages must display the correlating vehicle’s price and availability at the associated location. Users must have the option to buy or reserve the specific vehicle online and pick it up at the associated local dealership. We completed all of these critical steps for each client before we started A/B testing campaigns.


Adpearance’s solution combines our digital advertising expertise as a Google Premier Partner with our proprietary dynamic inventory tool to drive car sales for our clients. Our clients also benefit from the dedicated Google experts who provide insights into the most cutting-edge digital opportunities for our clients. As a Premier Partner, we began learning about Vehicle Ads before it was officially launched in the alpha phase. This gave us a head start to learn how to optimize the new ad type, enhance it with our own ad tech, and hit the ground running when Vehicle Ads reached the beta phase. 

Another value add of our Premier Partner status is that accounts we manage receive automatic approval for the new ad type without passing a review from Google.


By utilizing more than a decade of experience connecting Google Ads to sales, leveraging proprietary tech, and prioritizing performance, Adpearance has been able to produce great results for our clients. Since the beta program launched earlier this year, Vehicle Ads have generated 78% more clicks and 37% more conversions for our clients at a 71% lower cost per conversion compared to traditional model campaigns. 

Adpearance anticipated that the new type would perform well for our clients given the top-of-page ad placement, and was proud of the strong performance achieved at a substantially lower cost. We are excited to continue optimizing Vehicle Ads and generate more meaningful conversions and high-quality leads for our clients in the years to come.







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