Equipment Showroom Technology


Fourbot is our webcrawler on a mission.

Its mission? To support your dealership and make sure your inventory is best represented both on your site and in your advertisements.

Fourbot allows our digital advertisers to generate unique inventory-based ad copy so your advertising budget is most effectively spent on promoting the inventory you actually have— in real time.

We created this tool to support our digital advertisers and account directors as they build strategies to increase sales for our auto and capital equipment dealerships. 

Although we use technology to support our digital efforts and your real world success, all of our ads and landing pages are created by real people.

Manufacturer Feeds:

Manufacturers want their product specs to be accurate across dealer websites.  Dealers frequently lack the staff to keep the data points from every manufacturer up-to-date, leading to stale websites and frustration on both sides.

Fourbot is the marriage counselor, helping everyone get what they want with no headaches.  Using manufacturer feeds or websites, Fourbot can port the information to dealer websites and update as frequently as your industry needs.

Insights & Troubleshooting:

Fourbot sounds too good to be true.  We know.  It’s why we have a dashboard with metrics to report:

  • Last update
  • Total products
  • Products added, updated and removed
  • Flags for common data entry errors 
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