Sales Optimization

The Intelligent Sales Platform

Put all that big data to work for your sales team.

With Foureyes, your sales team has the advantage, uncovering hot leads and connecting with prospects at the right time to close the sale.

Feed your sales people what they’re really hungry for: Shoppers who are ready to buy.  Using the Foureyes, your teams will receive quality sales prospects so they can swoop in at the right time to close sales.  

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Digital Advertising

Not Just for Marketers Anymore

Website analytics are great tools for marketers. But Foureyes was designed to be a great tool for salespeople. The data and insights focus less on what most people do and homes in on what specific shoppers are doing. 

With that information, your sales team can isolate qualified buyers from casual shoppers to make more sales. 

A Sales-First Focus

Imagine how much more efficient (and happy) your sales team would be if they didn’t waste time chasing dead ends.  Foureyes was developed to make this dream a reality.  Using our patented technology, Foureyes surfaces prospects who may have fallen out of your sales funnel and serves them up for your sales team to close.    

The average dealership CRM is missing 1 out of every 3 potential buyers. Foureyes helps dealers identify lost leads without increasing staff or administrative load.  Foureyes simply sells more cars. 

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