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Fourpage is our proprietary landing page tool—designed, developed, and implemented in-house by our digital marketers and software developers. We created Fourpage to quickly build and manage model-specific landing pages for all our auto dealerships, but it has proved to be a valuable tool for our other clients as well. 

Currently in its fourth version, Fourpage integrates new technology and current design trends to offer a quick and effective solution for clients looking to increase conversion rates or elicit online reviews.

With Fourpage, we go from zero to customized, geo-targeted landing page in fifteen minutes.

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We Built Fourpage to Help Sell Cars

We talk to hundreds of auto dealers every month who are frustrated—spending thousands of dollars on advertising that delivers website traffic, but no car sales.  To solve this problem, we researched what moved shoppers off auto websites and into dealerships.  We then designed Fourpage, a custom, responsive landing page system that delivers the information shoppers want and the sales conversions auto dealers are really paying for.

Fourpage drives conversions

And it works. In 2015, our auto dealers experienced an average increase of 22.9% in car sales YoY.

Customize Your Landing Pages

The Fourpage system was designed to be a compliment to existing websites.  As a standalone system, we can get beautiful, custom landing pages up in a matter of hours. 

Each page includes:

  • Dealership specifics including design aesthetic
  • Make/model specs
  • Make/model interior and exterior beauty shots, including 360 spins
  • Real-time make/model inventory feeds
  • Advanced inventory filtering, including color, price, condition 
  • High-performance on and offline calls to action

Our responsive landing pages display beautifully at multiple sizes—from desktop to mobile. All pages are thoroughly tested for optimal performance across major browsers including Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer versions 9 and higher as well as Safari on iOS and Windows on Windows Phone.

Rich Media Content and Custom Designs

Model pages include 360 spin, interior panoramic views, and an inventory gallery. Customize with your own dealership logo, colors, and photography.

Users can see what's actually on your lot! We pull in your inventory and vehicle details, resulting in a better user experience and ultimatley higher conversions.

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