Foursale is our proprietary, dynamic inventory advertising system that creates and uploads used inventory campaigns which target specific keywords related to the actual inventory your dealership has in stock.

Particularly in the used market, consumers know what they're looking for. Foursale makes it easier for buyers to connect with your dealership by highlighting the unique attributes of every piece of inventory on your lot. Low miles. Low price. Large selection. Foursale promotes the message about your inventory that finds you buyers.  

With Foursale:

  • Connect with your inventory management system
  • Write a custom ad for every piece of inventory, focusing on the most compelling features from low miles to competitive price
  • Upload campaigns to target specific keywords related to actual inventory. Once the piece of inventory sells, we stop promoting it which maximizes every dollar spent.

In addition to using tools for smarter ads, we custom-build campaigns for the dealerships we partner with; we don't press a button and walk away. All ads are reviewed, monitored and carefully managed by our team of digital advertisers on a daily basis.