Adpearance has been successful beyond our wildest dreams with #1 rankings on search engines, all while increasing our footprint in the community on a variety of fronts. The best part, while attaining these set goals over the course of a few months, was that my dealership was doing it at a fraction of the cost vs. our previous vendors.


We get it: Your digital marketing program is only successful if it drives sales. That’s why Adpearance measures our success not just through digital performance, but also by the number of cars you sell. To drive results, we focus on:


  • Targeted solutions: Together, we'll identify your most profitable geographies and design strategies to dominate, from high-ranking ads to SEO and reputation management that position you as the market leader.
  • Technology-enabled services: To beat the competition, you need the best tools. Adpearance builds in-house technologies that solve the specific challenges facing dealers, from the sales intelligence available with Foureyes® to dynamic inventory ad management, conversion-boosting landing pages to time-saving, transparent reporting.

What We Do

Digital marketing that drives automotive sales

  • Paid Search

    Custom-written ads optimized to be highly relevant and up to date, guaranteeing optimum performance for your campaigns

  • Display Advertising

    Strategic and eye-catching ads radically improve your ROI by targeting users by interests, demographics, or keywords

  • Social Advertising

    Targeted ads improve your brand’s visibility on social platforms like Facebook and YouTube.

    • Remarketing

      Show ads to users who've previously visited your site as they browse the Internet, making sure your brand is top of mind

    • Video Advertising

      Highly targeted video advertising focused on low-funnel, in-market, custom-intent and remarketing audiences

    • Search Engine Optimization

      Geo-targeted and highly-relevant keywords tailored to your location paired with on-site SEO optimization

    • Local SEO

      Consistent listings in local directories for your dealership—including multiple locations— help your dealership climb in ranking

    • Social Media & Reputation Management

      Build a consistent, engaging, buzzworthy presence through strategic plans and active monitoring

    • Targeted Content Management

      User-friendly organic landing pages with high-quality content that focus on model and make specific keywords and trending topics

    • 7,300+ Number of Managed Paid Search Campaigns
    • 1.6 Average Ad Rank Position for Auto Campaigns
    • 14.64% Average Increase in Vehicle Sales Year Over Year
    • 285+ Average Number of Custom Written Used Inventory Ads Per Dealer

    Helping You Work Smarter

    Custom tools we’ve built to deliver better results.

    • Dynamic Ads

      Make it easy for buyers to find and purchase your cars with custom ads for every piece of inventory on your lot.
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    • Reporting & Analytics

      Pull campaign and keyword data, phone calls, and form submissions into one location. Included standard with all Adpearance digital advertising services.
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    • Budgeting

      Ensure you hit your target ad spend budget and projected lead volume on the bulls-eye, month after month.
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    For questions and support regarding the Kia digital advertising program, please contact the Kia Regional eLead Consultant team at [email protected].

    Digital Advertising Packages
    Billed to Program


      • Experienced Customer Success Manager
      • Real-time reporting dashboard
        24/7 keyword-level tracking
      • Active campaign management
        Performance optimization + bid management

      Need help choosing your budget? We're here to help!

    • Digital Advertising

      Min. $1000/mo

      • Paid search
        Make/model, dealership, location-specific, brand lease, model, fixed ops terms
      • Display & remarketing
      • Google, Bing, Facebook & YouTube
      • Custom ad copy, model specific landing pages, & granular campaign setup
      • Dealer-specific ad designs
      • Full Google Content Network

    Inventory Ad Tech Packages
    Billed to Program

    Inventory Ad Tech Bundles
    Billed to Program

    SEO Packages
    Billed to Program

    YouTube Optimization Packages
    Billed to Program

    Dealer must provide video assets

    Foureyes Packages
    Billed to Program

    Social Media Management Packages
    Billed to Program

    Reputation Management Packages
    Billed to Program

    Dynamic Ads - Kia

    Move your inventory faster with our ad technoloy solution that enables custom ad writing for every piece of inventory on your lot. Our ad technology syncs your inventory with your digital advertising in real-time. Then using advanced ad-writing logic, we pull data directly from your inventory into up-to-the-minute, product-specific ads. Your dealership benefits with:

    Reporting & Analytics

    The most successful digital campaigns have high transparency. That’s why we built our own reporting and analytics tools. The easy-to-use system pulls your campaign and keyword data, phone calls, and form submissions into one central location, and is included standard with all Adpearance digital advertising services.


    Your ads need to be active for the entire month, and the last thing you want it is to burn through your monthly budget in a day or two.

    Our budgeting tool manages your spend to hit the budget bull's eye every month, ensuring predictable spends and lead volumes.

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