Digital Advertising

We drive conversions through strategic paid campaigns.

Nothing's more important to your business than attracting and converting qualified leads—we get it and we're here to help. Whether you're looking for paid search, display advertising, or remarketing, our data-driven solutions are the perfect match to your sales-oriented goals.

We understand the importance of implementing a cohesive and well-planned digital advertising mix. The more touch points potential customers have with you, the better, and we know where to reach them.

Our Services

Paid Search

Highly efficient PPC campaigns with smart geo-targeting, effective keywords, budget management, and continuous testing

Display Advertising

Innovative and creative image ads target your potential customers and grow your brand recognition


Keep your business top-of-mind and increase conversions among previous site visitors through the power of remarketing

Bid Management

Daily campaign management tailors your ads to your specific business goals

Keyword Targeting

Our in-depth research identifies which keywords your potential customers use for search

Landing Pages

Custom landing pages drive results through modern, mobile-friendly designs and track every conversion

Our Process

  1. Health Check

    In our analysis of your current digital advertising presence, we look at everything from level of competition in the space to percent of time showing for key terms. Once we gather all of the data we need, we'll provide recommendations for targeting, copy, and design.

  2. Onboarding & Launch

    You've signed on for digital advertising services. Now what? We'll do a deep dive into what makes your business and industry tick and put that knowledge to work building out your account, reviewing it with you, and finally, launching your ads.

  3. Management

    We're just as invested in your campaigns post-launch as we are from day one. We monitor your campaigns and landing pages daily, making tweaks to ensure optimum performance. When you win, we win. And our month-to-month contracts serve as proof of our confidence in your campaign's performance.

  4. Reporting

    Monthly reports outline campaign performance data, including phone calls, form submissions, ecommerce revenue, CPL/CPA data, and more, along with action items for the future based on our findings.

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Accolades & Awards

Our smart, integrated marketing has made us a top digital advertising agency.

  • Google Partner

    Search, Mobile, Display
  • Inc. 5000

    America's Fastest Growing Companies
  • 2014 AMA PDX MAX

    Outstanding Digital Strategy
    Spirit Mountain Casino

Platforms & Technologies

Tools that deliver the best results for your business—efficiently and effectively

  • Google AdWords

    Direct potential customers to your site when they are poised to convert.

  • Bing Ads

    Connect with potential customers globally or locally on two search engines—Bing and Yahoo.

  • YouTube

    Reach your prospects where they're highly engaged through Pre-Roll TrueView ads.

  • Facebook

    Drive qualified leads to your website and increase fan engagement through Facebook's ultra-targeted advertising.

  • FourAds

    Allocate a specific amount of money to ads each month and stay within +/- 5% of your budget.

  • FourBot

    Update your site automatically with your latest inventory data, such as pricing and availability. Learn more

  • Foureyes

    Combine detailed visitor data with your incoming leads, helping your salespeople sell better. Learn more

  • FourPage

    Send qualified leads to optimized and mobile-friendly landing pages, custom-built to match your campaigns. Learn more

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  • Calvin Mesman
    Digital Advertising Services Director
  • Cameron Nilles
    Digital Advertising Services Manager
  • Damon Melton
    Digital Advertising Specialist
  • Connor Hutchens
    Digital Advertising Specialist
  • Jon Skeen
  • Andrew King
  • Evan Doria
    Digital Advertising Specialist

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