Dynamic Inventory Video Ads

Build your brand with precision targeting and inventory-specific video ads.

Video advertising is key to creating awareness and feeding the top of your sales funnel. However, the broad targeting and high costs associated with video create roadblocks for businesses.

Dynamic inventory videos are different. Target specific audiences with a known interest in your products with inventory-specific videos customized with current stock, pricing, and discounts. Dynamically created and updated, inventory video ads keep production costs down and information up-to-date. Achieve brand awareness and reach in-market audiences for less.

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Our Services

Audience Targeting

Delivering the right message, to the right person, at the right time with precision segmentation and targeting

Video Production at Scale

No more lengthy planning and production. Speak directly to interested audiences leads with inventory-specific video ads that are dynamically updated as your inventory changes

Campaign Management & Reporting

Receive continuous campaign management and monthly reporting on your advertising performance

How It Works

  1. Inventory Monitoring

    Our system monitors the inventory stock, pricing and discounts live on your website.

  2. Video Creation

    Unique, model-specific videos are created for the top models currently on your lot.

  3. Upload

    Each video is automatically uploaded to YouTube and ready for advertising.

  4. Campaign Launch

    The videos are used in precision-targeted remarketing and buying intent campaigns to reach low-funnel shoppers.

Accolades & Awards

  • 2015 Creative List

    Portland Business Journal
  • 100 Fastest-Growing Private Companies of 2017

    Portland Business Journal
  • Google Partner

    Search, Mobile, Display
  • Inc. 5000 2018

    America's Fastest Growing Companies

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