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October 2013


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Our FCA Program

Adpearance provides industry-leading digital advertising and SEO services to FIAT-Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) dealers across the country. Our dealer clients through the FCA Digital program have seen an average of 22.9% sales growth through our hands-on partnership approach to the dealer’s individual marketing needs.

The auto industry moves at the speed of light with one central goal in mind: increase vehicle sales. Adpearance’s contribution to the FCA Digital program has done just that. By providing both digital advertising and SEO services to hundreds of Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ram, and FIAT dealers, we’ve continued to perfect the science of crafting a strong digital presence to low-funnel new vehicle shoppers. 

FCA Digital, based out of the Detroit, MI area, is a combined effort of marketers, strategists, dealer support, and service providers. All parties are working in tandem to solve the need for a centralized, streamlined advertising program to service the 2,500+ FCA dealers in the United States. FCA leadership has selected a small group of elite digital marketing providers, carefully vetted and continually tested to ensure dealers are receiving the best service and value available. Adpearance has been at the forefront of this program since October 2013, and continues to be an innovator and problem solver at both the dealership and the enterprise level. 

Program Goals: Drive Vehicle Sales

Increase Conversion Rates

Auto dealers were wasting money sending paid traffic to websites that did not convert users effectively. We created FourPage, a conversion-optimized landing page system, to quickly build and manage model-specific landing pages for all our auto dealerships. With our highly targeted campaign setup and our landing pages designed to sell more cars, we have helped increase sales for FCA dealerships across the country.

Targeted Advertising Campaigns

Long-gone are the days of advertising on generic phrases such as “used car” or “used Jeep” in hopes of boosting used inventory sales. With our proprietary tool, FourSale, we dynamically create specific, tailored ads based off of your inventory to ensure you never waste money on high-funnel searches or sold vehicles again.

Boost Organic Traffic

Our SEO team focuses on geo-targeted and highly-relevant keywords tailored to dealers' specific locations paired with on-site SEO optimization to increase organic visits to their sites. Additionally, we help ensure consistent listings in local directories for dealerships to help dealerships climb in rankings.

Data Driven Results

Using FourEyes, our proprietary software that produces advanced visitor tracking and lead management, we make sure enrolled dealers don't miss out on the data that drives their online business. By combining campaign and keyword data, phone calls, and form submissions, we provide a customized dealer dashboard that allows you to get to the data you want: cost per lead.

Custom Landing Pages With Proven Results

Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram, and FIAT dealers also receive custom, model-specific landing pages that are designed to convert with strong call-to-actions. The pages feature a UX friendly interface for browsing inventory along with interior panoramas and exterior 360° spin-frames of the vehicles.

Adpearance’s FCA dealers see success through our relentless mission to out-strategize, out-innovate and out-work the competition to exceed each dealership’s goals.

Exterior 360°, vehicle gallery, and live inventory
Interior panoramic view
User-friendly functionality
Display ads for FCA Dealerships

Intelligent Digital Advertising

The Adpearance approach in digital marketing is to develop custom, model-specific campaigns featuring low-funnel, high-quality keywords and writing customized ad copy that feature up-to-date pricing and dealership value propositions.

Furthermore, we seek to reduce overall costs by utilizing historical sales data to develop a geo-targeting strategy that encompassed high value sales territories. Using a consistent geo-targeted strategy, Adpearance began by targeting the most popular cars in the largest market possible, before targeting lesser markets and less popular cars, where the market size is smaller, but competition is lower.

Program Results

“Adpearance will work with your team to create a solution that makes sense for your dealership. Not every dealership is the same and because of that, not every Adwords campaign should operate the same. That is what separates Adpearance from the competition.”

Chicago Area Dealership
+29% YoY increase in organic traffic for dealers on SEO
+179% Increase in SEO page production
+23% Average increase in dealership car sales
+193% FCA Program Growth