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Strategic digital marketing improvements ramp up lead generation during the off seasons


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Jacobs Heating and Air Conditioning provides quality product installation, maintenance, and repair services for both residential and commercial clients. The family-owned and operated business has served the greater Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA areas for over 50 years.

While Jacobs has stayed ahead with their commitment to sustainability and excellent customer service, lulls in demand due to seasonality have plagued the company for years.

This consistent dip in sales during the off-season caused Jacobs to task Adpearance with improving their digital marketing to fix the seasonality issue.

Project Goals

Create Seasonally Specific Ads Campaigns

We developed targeted Google advertising campaigns to run in the off-season. These ads emphasized the value of “maintaining” your heating and cooling systems and “preparing” for those extremely hot and cold days. The goal was to encourage potential customers to catch their broken furnaces early and drive business during these off-peak months.

Add Maintenance Focused Content

To better educate potential customers on the importance of maintaining the health of their heating and cooling systems, Adpearance created new website content. This content was strategically shared to catch the attention of prospective customers during the the Spring and Fall months and to encourage them to schedule service appointments sooner rather than later.

Boost Online Visibility

Adpearance updated website content by optimizing for geo-targeted, industry specific, and seasonally relevant keywords. An important goal was to improve the consistency of Jacob’s contact information in online directories to increase their SERP rank. Improving Jacobs SEO was critical as quality traffic to their website during the low seasons would turn into quality leads.

Improve Lead Generation

To complement the new advertising campaigns for the off-season, we designed mobile-friendly, conversion optimized landing pages to specifically match these ads. We utilized A/B testing to refine the pages and produce high conversion rates.

What We Did

Adpearance developed a robust digital marketing strategy to help alleviate lulls in demand during the Spring and Fall seasons. The strategy involved developing targeted digital advertising campaigns, optimizing Jacobs’ online presence, and producing seasonally specific content.

The end result was an improved lead generation process and therefore, a significant increase in conversions across Jacobs’ digital properties during the off seasons.

Our account direction, digital advertising, development and content marketing teams worked closely with Jacobs to execute on the strategy we outlined to combat their seasonality issues. Some examples of the work are featured below.

Optimized Search Advertising Captures Off-Season Traffic

Search advertising has been successful for Jacobs in driving lead generation during the Spring and Fall months in 2017. The optimized ads featured geo-specific and relevant ad copy, the use of ad extensions, and drove to relevant landing pages. These specific maintenance-focused campaigns targeted new potential customers and drove form submissions & phone calls.

Custom Landing Pages Drive Conversions

The landing pages we built for Jacobs are responsive, visually appealing, matched to your specific digital advertising campaigns, include click-to-call buttons, forms, actionable call-to-action buttons, and are mobile-friendly. Both the content and functionality of these landing pages was critical to getting Jacobs’ off-season online traffic to convert into leads.


With new conversion-optimized landing pages and and improved call-to-actions across their website and digital advertising, together Adpearance and Jacobs managed to increase, quality traffic and convert that traffic into quality leads during the off-season months.

+24% Increase in landing page visits
+16% Increase in form leads
+11% Increase in phone call leads