Kia Digital Certified Solutions Program


November 2015


Digital Advertising Search Engine Optimization Social Media


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Google Adwords, Bing Advertising, Facebook, YouTube, Google +

Adpearance’s cutting-edge digital advertising services in the Kia Digital Certified Solutions program have made high performing digital campaigns accessible and easy for Kia dealers, streamlining their path to increased vehicle sales easier through a strong digital presence. 

Adpearance’s goal as a partner to Kia Digital is to drive measurable, high-quality traffic to Kia dealer sites with maximum efficiency. Based out of the Los Angeles area, the Kia Digital Certified Solutions program has melded together some of the most innovative minds in digital marketing and automotive processes to create a program for dealers to excel in the digital space through maximum brand support. 

As one of only two advertising-focused partners in the Kia Digital Certified Solutions program, Adpearance has leveraged our extensive automotive industry knowledge to provide Kia dealers with best-in-business digital results. Adpearance stands apart to Kia dealers by providing granular and highly-targeted digital advertising campaigns, customized landing pages and geotargets unique to each dealership, and transparent reporting and metrics.


Kia Program

Kia dealership display ads from Adpearance

Intelligent Digital Advertising

The Adpearance approach in digital marketing is to develop custom, model-specific campaigns featuring low-funnel, high-quality keywords and writing customized ad copy that feature up-to-date pricing and dealership value propositions.

Furthermore, we seek to reduce overall costs by utilizing historical sales data to develop a geo-targeting strategy that encompassed high value sales territories. Using a consistent geo-targeted strategy, Adpearance began by targeting the most popular cars in the largest market possible, before targeting lesser markets and less popular cars, where the market size is smaller, but competition is lower.

Robust SEO

Adpearance also leverages our deep history in search engine optimization services for Kia dealership clients. With our custom geo-targeted content and site optimization, our SEO services are anything but streamline.

Adpearance SEO services provide fresh, effective content, generate more positive user experiences, and ultimately, drive the volume and quality that your site has been missing.