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Volkswagen auto dealer sees increases in quality and quantity of organic website traffic with commitment to SEO


November 2016


Digital Advertising Search Engine Optimization


Google Adwords, Google My Business

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Since 1969, the Northtown Automotive Group has served the Buffalo, New York area abiding by the ‘golden rule’: treat customers the way you want to be treated.

Over the past five years, in an effort to continue following this rule, the team Northtown Volkswagen has been working to modernize and improve the overall customer experience at the dealership. Part of this effort was to get more strategic with their online marketing efforts.

With this focus on digital marketing, the team at Northtown VW also intends to stay ahead of the competition and continue their consistent growth.


Low Organic Traffic

NorthtownVW.com struggled with low traffic—both online and at the dealership. Northtown challenged Adpearance to improve their website's performance in organic online traffic and in turn, increase foot traffic to the dealership.

Poor Quality of Traffic

In addition to more online visits to their website, Northtown wanted to attract the right shoppers and keep them engaged with the content.


Northtown Volkswagen approached Adpearance with the intent of investing their marketing dollars more successfully than with their previous provider. With their high-level goal set on improving the overall customer experience from website to showroom, they worked with Adpearance to improve digital traffic through their overall online customer experience.

Boost Website Traffic

Adpearance launched search engine optimization services for Northtown VW in November of 2016. The first goal was to increase the number of shoppers coming to the website, and in turn, the dealership. The team began by developing an SEO strategy plan, outlining the quickest path to the best SEO results.

Immediately, Adpearance cleaned up Northtown VW website’s HTML and updated local listings like Google My Business, making it easier to for shoppers to get in contact with the dealership. Accuracy and consistency of any contact info online is critical for any dealer’s success with search engine optimization.

Increase Quality Website Traffic

The second goal was to increase the quality of the traffic. A strong keyword strategy was implemented and new, fresh content about new models, services , and model comparison pages was created to attract the right shoppers and engage them in what Northtown has to offer.

As a shopper, the online experience on the Northtown VW site went from being long and confusing to quick and clear.


Northtown VW has been on Adpearance’s Ignition SEO package and has seen exceptional organic performance since launch.

“Since partnering with Adpearance we’ve seen sizeable increases in quality Organic and Paid Search traffic.

This has helped contribute to increases in Volkswagen sales and market share.

Adpearance has always been transparent and very flexible which is extremely important to us.”

Luke Schnell, Web Manager at Northtown Automotive Companies
+52% YoY increase in organic sessions
+66% YoY increase in organic pageviews
+35% YoY increase in new users
+20% YoY increase in average session duration